Show me your pets!


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George, love the pic! I have a good buddy who specializes in pet photography with a focus on working animals, your pic of Lani reminds me of some of his work:!/HOME If any of you are in the Virginia area and are looking for someone to do pet portraits, Andy is your guy.

Amanda, love the way your troublemaker has taken the entire sofa - nice! What's his name?


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Thats Walter and he wasn't feeling very good after his shots. He's still a baby :) Here's a better shot :)


waiting for a street car

My two when they were youngsters and could fit on a dining room chair together.
They were adopted from a rescue place in MD. Had different foster moms.
Scooter is on the left and is a buff tabby. Toby is on the right and is orange.

Toby's mom was rescued the day he was born. Scooter was found as a two month kitten
on the side of a country road and had to be nursed back to health. We got them together at 4 months.
Toby's mom/brother and sister/sister had been adopted. They were both in foster places with no one to play
with. They were so excited to have another youngster the same age and energy level. They used to
jump and body slam each other. They still run around like banshees in the evening.

The orange one is our special needs boy. Had to have a kitty colonoscopy and other procedures.
Everything came back negative. In desperation the specialist had us try a course of steroids saying
it probably wouldn't work, but thankfully it did.

I transitioned them to raw food last year. Toby is still on several medicines including lactulose daily
and prednisolone, but at least we've got that down to every 4 days. Luckily all the medicine gets mixed
right into his food... so thankful we have a compounding pharmacy for the prednisolone.
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Tweety - the oldest. Crosseyed but still a ninja. She tries to take over my mouse hand when I game.
Easter 2007 and other 005.jpg
Amber - my middle fur baby. She's skittish but wants to be petted so badly.
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Charlie - He's not as dumb as he looks. :)

I don't have any pictures of my youngest Alfie on my computer at work.


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Apropos of Father's Day: We don't have any kids, but today decided to adopt a dog. My brother got her as a puppy in February, and lives in a high rise on the Gold Coast in Chicago. He bit off more than he could chew, and seeing that we've been on the verge of deciding to adopt another dog after losing our Lani in March, 2015, we thought it was fate. She just turned five months old this month. We'll pick her up on Thursday. Her name is Gracie, but we might want to change that. She's a Miniature Labradoodle, and will grow to about 25 pounds. She's a sweetheart.



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She looks so attentive in her little harness. What a beauty.

We took our new-ish dog Buddy camping for the first time this weekend. He is about 18 months old now, so still in that transition from puppy to grown-up dog, and I wasn't sure how he would do. I needn't of worried. Other than the occasional howling at a squirrel or deer (he is a mixed up hound dog, as my daughter puts it), he was the perfect camping dog. He didn't mind sleeping in a tent, came when called after he tried to swim to the middle of the lake, and respected the fire as something to lie next to, but not mess with.

I was very proud.

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What a sweet dog, I have a friend with two labradoodles. They are great pets, sweet disposition of a lab without all the shedding. I swear I could put together another lab puppy at the end of each day with all the fur I sweep up.


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George--congratulations! Pets make the best kids, don't they?
(Don't tell my human kids I said that!)


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Strangeite--We have an 11 month old Pit/Hound mix. She's ~55 lbs but still thinks she's a little puppy. She is the same way with wildlife, especially birds. Drives us nuts since she can see them out the windows of our house. Buddy sounds like he has been trained well(so much more important than most people realize) and fits in great with your family!


May be computer illiterate, but I figured out how
What is it with orange tabby's that they all end up huge? But, that just means there is more to love.


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Congrats on the new puppy, George! She is adorable, and it does sound meant to be. :RpS_wub:

Tigger is enormous! :RpS_cool:

Our dogs (golden retriever and Australian Shepherd mix) just got back from three weeks at Grandma's while we were on a national park trip out west. They got bacon every day for breakfast. :RpS_blink: Back to the real world for all of us.


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I wasn't being critical, in fact, this exact use of thread necromancy is good forum etiquette.
Oh, I know, I didn't interpret it like that at all. I like when information is all in one place.


wishes he had a pink frolicing llama under his tag
Meanwhile, two more photos:

With cousins Abby (a stray mutt, sweetest dog ever) and Tuffy (Schnauzer/Great Dane mix). They're my sister's family's dogs, and they live really close:

First Uber ride. "Next time I want UberBLACK!"