Side Entrance at HS is No Longer Open


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[FONT=&quot]This path was often used by more knowledgeable guests to enter the park, as fewer guests would travel this way. It also had its own dedicated security bag check and metal detector in recent years. It is located just off to the left of the Main park entrance shown above.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The path will now only act as a guest exit from the park. All guests will be required to travel through the main entrance and security checkpoint directly in front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.[/FONT]


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Loved that entrance. Used it a lot back in the day when AAA parking was right there. Used it lately if I got there early enough to park that close. Nobody was ever there, it was awesome.


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This sucks. It's much easier to get to that entrance from the parking lot. I assume they're still going to have to post a security person there, but can probably relocate the metal detector team.


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Was this the entrance that's to the left of the Guest Services window outside the park? If so, they had it closed off when I was there in November. It was always easier to cross over to that pathway from the parking lot rather than walk all the way around past the buses and trams to the big main entrance.


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That's the one George. You can't even walk that way on the way in just to save time or distance or hit the rest rooms on the way. I tried last week and was set straight by security.


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Yeah, I'd read this earlier and didn't even try it this week. You can still get out that way, though, so half okay.