Skyliner question


We are staying at Pop Century, and I have a question about the transportation...since the Skyliner lets off at the International Gateway, is it possible to still take a bus to Epcot for park opening? We would rather enter the park in Future World. Thanks!


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Early last year they had reduced the Epcot and HS buses to only once per hour, and then when they re-opened the resort last summer they changed to Skyliner-only for those two parks. Last I heard that was still the case, you could always check with the front desk to see if something changed.

I would recommend just taking a Lyft/Uber if you really want to be at the front of the park.


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Depending on when you're visiting, I would consider Remy and Frozen as big benefits to the Gateway entrance. You also save a lot of time by touring World Showcase first and then moving down closer to dinner. But I wouldn't bet on a bus....the resort front desk may give you a Mears taxi voucher if you tell them you're deathly scared of heights, didn't know about the transportation setup, and then ask to change resorts because you're unsatisfied with the options that you feel weren't made clear. But that may be a long shot these days. If the Skyliner isn't a perk, you may want to look at an open All-Star Resort as the rooms basically look the same as Pop now.