"Slower" touring ideas and opinions?


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Does anyone have information on slower paced touring plans? Due to disability/injury will not be able to move fast and most likely not able to arrive early mornings very often. I'm resigning myself that using only fast passes could be the best. But that is a bit depressing.
Thank you so much for anything you can share!


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I will say some of our favorite memories have been when we had "slower" touring plans (and less expectations). You will see and do things that are not necessarily attractions that you would have hustled right past before.

We now aim for slower plans. We set our F+ for our must do-s and then just keep a list of like to do's. We don't hit it all, we snack and rest more but it is still totally a blast. And when we are tired or over the crowds we hop, or head to the pool for a while.

Its a totally different vacation but its just as enjoyable and fulfilling.

Try and get your F+ in a big chunk so that you can attempt for additional F+'s. It helps a lot when you dont rope drop.


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Thank you Mrs Darling and pixarprincess. Good ideas and thoughts to think about and research. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Thank you!!
Our last couple trips have been slower because of disability (daughter, in wheelchair and will exhaust way sooner than the rest!) So we do the park openings, preferably with a pre opening breakfast so we can sit and relax for 40 minutes and then be ahead of the crowds for the first rides. Then, we go through our favorite rides, planned out and mixed in with fast pass where needed. And we are done around noon. At that point, if we want to, we would get ice cream and sit and wait for a parade, people watch, etc. Or we just make or way back. We got a lot in and we have lots of time for resting. Then, if we are up for coming back for a parade or show or evening fp, we can, but otherwise we can enjoy a lengthy meal, our hotel etc. We do a lot of long TS meals! That helps refresh, and breaks. We definitely don't see everything, but we see our main things, and it's worked out well.