So who has plans to visit from September through November?


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I am much more concerned about the airport/plane.
I'm more concerned about the airport than the actual plane. The plane should have pretty good filtration systems. Make sure you have the blower on and pointed at you, and you should be OK, unless someone with Covid coughs right in your freakin' face. I'm less confident about the ventilation in the airport, especially given the inconsistent mask wearing you witnessed.

Given the empty state of the parks, I almost booked a last minute father/son trip. What held me back was the time in the airport--not the actual flights. Also, the park tickets would have been more expensive than the flights and a one-bedroom at WBC combined!


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Haven't posted in the forums for probably a long time now, but just wanted to chime in. I'm going solo November 13 - 19 and will be in a park each day from the 14th (Saturday at Epcot) through the morning for going home on the 19th (my flight back to southern Colorado isn't until late afternoon). The Sunday will be at AK (as I usually do that park that day), and I have two weekdays booked for DHS and two for MK. Going on my own to minimize virus risks (my teen kid is fine staying at home with her dad - they've let me do solo trips before) and, even though I'm high risk due to some health factors I'm very careful in public - and I HAVE to get out of here since I haven't even left my city's limits since early January, and November 16th is my 50th birthday so I'd like to finally ride Rise of the Resistance. If I don't get to do it that day, I have another day booked for DHS a couple days later anyway and can try again then. I'll otherwise enjoy the hopefully-still-low crowds giving me time to do all I'd like to do in the parks. I booked points at Grand Flo, my home resort (hoping the walking bridge/path to MK is done by them, minimizing my time on the monorail or boats). I'll use Lyft whenever it looks like I won't be able to get on a bus (to this day I have never had a car in FL). I'll pack as lightly as I can and manage my own luggage as carry-on (limiting how many people touch it) and if they don't give me a row to myself on the plane (American Airlines) I have the collapsible windshield shades I can stuff between the seats to make a barrier or two if necessary. I connect in Dallas/Ft Worth both directions, and I'll be careful at the airports. One of the days I'm there for quite a while so I have plenty of time to enjoy Whataburger, lol. My own airport here is tiny and I don't expect a lot of people will be there those days in November. It's not Thanksgiving week. I'm okay with there not being fireworks, night-time entertainment, MVMCP (most likely won't happen)....I'll just be happy to get some F&WF treats if the food booths are still open by then (the one day I'm at Epcot), ride some favorite rides (fit in all I can with the limited hours) and be in my favorite place when I turn 50. I even have a "50 Years Young" shirt to wear with Baby Yoda/The Child on it. I'll try my best to take a selfie while wearing it in front of anything Disney, since no one will be with me to handle my camera/phone. I otherwise don't care about selfies...just regular park photos. I did my 40th birthday there solo; it was nice. I don't plan to do any table service ADRs except for maybe one or two, and the date for me to start booking those comes up this Sunday. I had some ADRs booked earlier but the system canceled those when they wiped the slate clean a while back. When I get back home I plan to quarantine again for a couple weeks, but at least while I'm in FL I'll be in the Disney bubble and be as safe as I can be. No trips to Disney Springs, and probably no trips over to Universal unless they have any nighttime hours by then. When Disney park hours end each day I'll probably just head back to the room and stream Netflix or hulu on my phone (no different from being at home in CO, really). Hopefully room service will return to GrandFlo shortly....I guess after the basketball teams are gone. I've had my flight booked since April, with travel insurance. And I booked Magical Express recently. Park tickets done and parks reserved. Can't wait.
We just booked a trip for October 14-19. My kiddo is doing online school for at least the first 9 weeks so we might as well make the best of it. My husband had COVID-19 back in March and my daughter and I are both positive for antibodies. I know we can probably get it again but my husband has been unemployed since he was sick and our cruise for the same dates was cancelled so we are just going. Flights were $104 roundtrip. That's less for all three of us than I paid last year for 1 ticket. We have gone every year since my daughter was born and she is almost 12. I refuse to let this take that away from her as well. Here in Oklahoma City masks are required but in the suburbs and surrounding towns they act like there is no virus. From everything I have read and seen it looks like Disney is doing it right. We are going to do Epcot on 10/15, DHS on 10/16, AK on 10/17 and MK on 10/18. Since we go every year no one thing is a make it or break it deal for us.

We were there last year over Labor Day and got the benefit of the super low hurricane that wasn't crowds. Just looking forward to being back and making the best of this year...


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We're down Columbus Day weekend, staying at a cabin in Wekiwa State Park and spending one day at Hollywood Studios. I keep waiting to hear case studies on the location of transmissions in the US from sources other than co-workers and household members. Based on what we do know, I don't see any meaningful potential for infection in the day we would spend at Hollywood Studios. I also don't see much potential for park employees to be infected by guests because so much of the day is out of doors, highly ventilated, or turning guests over quickly.

But, we're still kayaking instead of spending a second day at Disney because I think I will feel a combo of guilty and tense while there, which doesn't quite sound like vacation.

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We are coming November 14-22 staying at pop. We are driving from Tennessee. I expect to feel as safe at Disney as do anywhere. I am more concerned about the wait times than getting sick. My husband never stopped working during the quarantine because he was essential. I do wish Tennessee's numbers would start declining.


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I wanted to follow up on this thread since we returned from our trip in the first week of October. I have mentioned here multiple times that we knew it was hypocritical to go but being very responsibly irresponsible is on brand for us. So a few notes.
  • It was extremely easy to travel from Kentucky into the Disney bubble without interacting with anyone. The only time I had to get within 6 feet of anyone outside of a Disney park for more than 60 seconds was when I bought beer at the gas station across from Disney Springs.

  • The days of no lines are gone. Disney has done a good job of creating social distancing markers, but occasionlly they aren't obvious if you aren't paying attention. The vast majority of time the stickers are 6-feetish apart, but when the queue needs to do a switchback it can be surprisingly far until the next sticker. When you look at the queue from the overhead perspective, it makes complete sense why they are spaced that way, but practically, if a party isn't paying attention, it is easy to find yourself stuck between two stickers. After the first day, we learned to look a couple stickers ahead when possible and not move until the parties in front of us were able to move.

  • When someone crowded up behind us, a polite ask is all it took for them to recognize they weren't paying attention and keep proper social distancing.

  • We didn't eat inside any restaurants, so ordered delivery from local places. While there are none that I would tell friends about, almost all of them delivered as good or better food than your typical Disney restaurant. *Sorry if that hurts some peoples sensibilities but it is true.

  • I can only speak about Old Key West, but everyday we were able to secure chairs a good 15-20 feet from another family and everyone in the actual pool kept a safe distance. It helped that the pool was the emptiest I have seen it since I have been visiting that resort since the early '90s.

  • Actually, I can give an anecdote. We rode the Skyliner from Epcot to the end of the line at Pop. When we got off, we walked to the pool that is closest to the station because I wanted to see how crowded it was. It was slightly more crowded but I feel like we could have made it work just with a bit more effort.

  • We only rode a bus twice, choosing to drive to the parks each day, but when we did, I was impressed on how they kept everyone distanced.

  • We scheduled drive-thru Covid tests for 72 hours after we returned, while still at Disney. Follow-up tests 48 hours later were also easy to schedule.
If I think of any other WDW Covid observations, I will come back to add them.
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We are also just back from possibly one of the best all-time Disney trips for us. I had to hop a flight home after less than 48 hours in the bubble a year ago when we last tried to go because my father was passing away. It had already been a difficult two years before covid cancelled our attempt at a re-do in March. We weren't ready to pull the trigger when the September reschedule rolled around and kicked the can to mid-October. In short, our expectations were low - the wait times, limited park hours, limited entertainment, limited ADRs and quick service, etc - but we were educated, prepared, and to borrow a phrase, ready to be responsibly irresponsible;)

Nearly every day was 10/10. I am sure it's a matter of perspective, but masks, restrictions, physical distancing, cleanliness, newly implemented routines, non-negotiable guest and employee policies, CM enforcement, and even guest compliance generally met or exceeded our expectations. As many have reported elsewhere, we felt more risk just getting there. Multiple wonderful meals, pool time, family time, a few Disney "firsts", favorite old standbys, figuring our new touring preferences in the age of covid, and some priceless memories with the boys at this age. It's not for everyone but it was for us.
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I am sure it's a matter of perspective, but masks, restrictions, physical distancing, cleanliness, newly implemented routines, non-negotiable guest and employee policies, CM enforcement, and even guest compliance generally met or exceeded our expectations. ... It's not for everyone but it was for us.
This was my take as well. My wife was taking notes and pictures of the procedures to steal ideas for the library as they begin to slowly reopen branches. The single most effective thing I saw Disney do was cast members modeling good behavior and insisting on it from guests. A perfect example, I noticed several times a cast member talking with a guest. There is an instinct to move closer when a conversation is initiated but cast members were great at politely stepping back and gently raising a hand to keep the social distance. I saw it enough times that it was clearly part of training.


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Well, I just booked a trip for February! I was playing around on the Disney website and the resort discounts are fantastic for early 2021. I booked a Standard Room at Caribbean Beach for less than I would have been paying at Pop in November. It would be a Birthday trip (though I won't be there on my actual birthday, because the resort prices were much higher during the weekend), reward for completing the Wine & Dine 10K (in 2 weeks) and a chance to do my virtual Princess 5K ON Disney property. I'd be doing only 2 park days (Epcot and AK), unless the offerings change (fireworks!). Of course, this is all dependent on how the infection rates proceed in Florida, so who knows if I'll actually get to take this trip.


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Just thought I'd report back about the mid November trip I took solo, since the only trip report I typed up went to some family and friends I know in person via email. It was fun and peaceful for the most part, Nov 13-19. Had a breakfast at Topolino's on my final full day there, a late dinner on arrival night at Enchanted Rose (first time there, very good), a dinner at BOG (always good but I need to remember to not get the lobster bisque in the future - it's just too bitter and not at all like the best one Les Chefs used to serve), finally tried Tiffin's (loved it), and stuck with counter service and leftovers back in the room for the rest of the meals. Josh is right about ABC doesn't matter how good something sounds or looks in someone else's review, I will never get food from there again ('nuff said). Queue-wise, it helped that I had a DAS pass (had my doctor's note to back up my bad knees and back treatment/claim) and a scooter (on all but one of my park days, and I really should have had a scooter that day at DHS - "Oh, this park isn't as big as the other ones. I'll be okay." Nope, not in rubber shoes, going all over the place all day, and with just my cane for leaning/walking help. It did a lot of damage to my feet, and rain I was prepared for never did come on any of my park days. Next time the rubber shoes stay in the bag and I'll wear normal shoes until the rubber ones are needed). I rented the scooters at the parks because I didn't want one for the entire time (at hotel, etc.) thinking it would be difficult to get Lyft rides with one. I took Lyft rides on all mornings except the day I took a monorail to MK, but the buses were empty enough for the rides home that I just stuck with those at night (took a boat back to GF the night I left MK). Despite the major blisters I got on my heels on the DHS day, which made me need wheelchair help on the airport day at the end for getting through all the terminals between my connecting flights, the trip was great and I loved being back there for what may be the last time in a long time. The family is now talking about going for Christmas 2021, though, if not sooner. But back to November's trip, I planned well (rode some things twice and only had to give up on trying to see the Frozen sing-along show because every time I got back there it was too late to be let in for the limited seating's queue. They allow people in the line 30 minutes early but not just 15 minutes or anything less than 30 minutes early. At least I'd seen the show before. I gave up on the racing academy show at DHS, since I was going to have to stand for 45 minutes while barely moving in the outdoor line. That day I only had the cane so it was easier to leave and walk around or sit anywhere else). I at least finally saw the Beauty & the Beast Sing-along in France at Epcot (cute). I turned 50 on the day I finally rode RotR (got lucky and was put in boarding group 32 the morning I tried just before and at 7 am in my room on my phone) and did enough that one day at DHS that I canceled the park pass for the second day there and wound up doing Epcot a second day (more time for the food booths). The only really bad thing was that three days into my trip (including arrival day when I went nowhere but the airports and hotel), when I phoned the hubby at home to see how he and our teen were doing, he told me that they were both experiencing COVID symptoms and had fevers starting that day. He didn't want me to come home, since I'm at higher risk and they didn't want me to get it from them. While Hubby did indeed test positive a few days later when he went to the drive-up testing our medical provider recommended (and we assume the teen was positive, too, though she didn't get tested - they had the same symptoms), they were lucky because they were both in good shape and they only had fevers for a few days, dry noses, and Hubby got dizzy on a couple different days. They never had tummy trouble or lost the senses of taste or smell. When I got home they were still contagious so Hubby told me to book a room at a Holiday Inn up the street and I stayed there for 9 nights all told without unpacking anything from the Florida trip (did have to pick up some colder weather clothes from home, though). Whenever I did come home for brief periods each day (I didn't move back for good until the Saturday after Thanksgiving), we all wore masks and they kept their distance from me. If I ate a meal with them at the house I stayed in a separate room (except for turkey night, when we at least moved me as far down the table as we could while Hubby moved closer to the other end with our kiddo). I spray-sanitized everywhere I could since they hadn't thought to do it while I was gone (they were also not feeling well, of course, so no hard feelings). I did laundry and cooked for them a few times. Hubby had been working from home since the day I left for Florida and is still working from home. The kiddo still did all her school work at home as usual but at a slower pace, and now she's done for the semester with straight As. Two negative tests later I still have not ever had COVID (I even had the antibodies test done last week, which was also negative). So, at least the money spent at Holiday Inn to keep me away from them for most of the time was worth it. It was more than I spent at Disney (probably about equal to the park tickets and airfare, which were paid off ahead of time). Hubby and kiddo are fine now, and so far they have no lingering after-effects. Knock on wood. Happy Holidays, everyone.