Solo Dining at Sci-Fi


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Hi all,

Going down for a few days solo in a couple weeks and wondering if anyone has every dined at Sci-Fi Dine-In solo? I feel like it might be a little weird, but I've never been and I would love to have the experience. Anyone have any input?


I have never done it solo, but I think it has a great setup for solo dining. Almost all seats face the screen anyway and you have the film clips for entertainment. I think it is one of the best suited restaurants for solo dining. Have a great time!


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I did this in May and it was great! Granted, I'm not one of those people who hate going out to eat alone so it's not a problem for me to dine solo. I had a very early ADR time and was one of the first people seated for lunch. My waitress was very chatty and talked to me for a long time before taking my order. I enjoyed that for a bit but then wanted her to just take my order and go away lol. Once I did order, it came out very quickly.


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I agree-- great place to solo dine. They'll likely put you in the front or back of a car. They are three rows of two.

We try to make the earliest lunch reservation, because it seems if you eat any other time of day, you have to wait a half an hour to be seated.


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I think it'd be a great place to eat solo- everyone is sitting in the dark and half paying attention to the movies aka no attention to you :)


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It was fine dining solo. You’ll get the back seat all to yourself, and waiter/waitress will “introduce” you to people in front. Plenty of movie shorts and loud dialogue happening, so you won’t feel weird at all.


Great place to dine solo. I recommend it as a first for anyone who's not really used to dining solo. You're dining in the dark (so no one sees you) and it's like sitting in front of the TV while you eat.