Somebody Tell a Joke!


wishes he had a pink frolicing llama under his tag
Never forget.


Art Vandelay

that's a shame
Riding LwtL two Sundays ago, I decided to enhance DD's enjoyment of the ride with Jungle Cruise commentary.

Rainforest scene, I pointed out that the wingspan of the butterflies grew up to 12" and some as much as one foot. I saw the eyeroll so I had to keep going.

Desert scene--My son is the star of this scene.

Prairie--everybody wave to the two buffa-high and the one buffa-low; this is where the Imagineers ran out of money, so the scenery is a little plain.

Farmhouse scene--is anyone afraid? This one is chicken; (before the dog barks), "Hold on, it's about to get rough."

DD was very annoyed. :LOL::LOL:


the jeweled acrobats only perform amazing stunts f
Haha those are great. We just watched the Behind the Attraction Jungle Cruise episode the other night too!