Spirit of Aloha Time Change?? Plus MSEP question(related)


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I am trying to get a reservation for next Thursday(we currently have one for another day that week but Thursday would work better). When I put in a search for it the time is now different(4:15 instead of 5:15). When I search for the day that we already have it has been changed too but when I look at my confirmed reservation it still shows 5:15. So now my question is which is the correct time? And if it has been changed to 4:15(and is just not reflected on my reservation page) would we be able to make a MSEP at 7pm at MK. Is it common for them to change reservation times? I thought I had all my plans set and then Disney goes and changes things up!!:RpS_blink:


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Probably a glitch related to the time change. I'm seeing the same thing for the Candlelight Processional packages.