Split stay points/cash


Ok, so first we weren't going to do Disney this year at all. Dumb idea. We're all dying to go back.

We had rented our points and used cash to book another vacation. Then we decided no way, we're doing Disney because it's what we really want. We'll just stay at a value. Everybody is happy with that.

So, I booked ASSports. Then, looking at DVC website today, I realize that I have 56 points left over and that's enough for at least a couple nights. I could book the first two or three nights on points, then finish our stay at the value. I called Member Services and I can do it, but it will be booking two separate trips, one on points and one at the value.

Is that going to be a total mess? Two separate dining plans and FP reservation days and who knows what else? Or is it worth it? In terms of cash value, it "saves" me $300 to cancel those two-three nights on cash.

Anyone ever done a 1/2 points, 1/2 cash trip?



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I just did a first night member cash room reservation, then the next 3 nights on points. It's just like any other split stay. You unfortunately now will have 2 different FP booking windows since the recent changes (I don't know if DVC member services can override that the way they could for ADRs when they stopped allowing split stays to book all days at once).

The dining plan you need to make sure you use all credits from first stay by midnight of the day you check out. And you need to stop by the desk when you check in to the 2nd room to be sure your old credits from the first stay are used up before it touches any of the new 2nd stay credits.

Finally, we ran into trouble with no one being able to touch/alter the member cash reservation on check in day but that wouldn't apply to you if your cash stay is not a DVC resort. Doing the cash stay through DVC saved 25%, so probably still not less than a value, but I might ask about it when you book your DVC portion.

Even with all that, I'd still do the split stay.


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We did Pop and VWL last year, 1/2 cash and 1/2 points... no issues. It worked like any other split stay, so I would't let that stop you.

That being said, are those 56 points bankable? You could also stick with your plans too, and have even more points to use next year.


I did it! I canceled the first three nights first, per advice from Member Services, and then booked those three nights at AKL. So happy to be welcomed home there!

I did have to drop the memory maker from the cash trip. If I add it on to the first three days, its 30 days will cover both trips.

I also had to change my tickets to the first trip.

And I decided it wasn't worth it to do dining plan. We always break even there anyway, and I would get in the mess of using up credits before we switch.

I really feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of my points this way. Our check-in and check-out days at AKL will end up being our resort days. We arrive really early the first day, so we'll have maximum time to swim and enjoy the safari. And at the end of that reservation, we'll technically check out by 11, have brunch at Boma, hang out at the resort, then transfer to All-Star and hang out at that resort. That will actually be the middle day of our trip, so a great time to sleep in and rest up for the other rope drop days.

Thanks so much for sound advice!


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I was just thinking, if there is still availability at AK would you be able to rent points (essentially renting your points back again) and do your whole stay there? That would certainly be less than a DVC member cash booking discount, but probably a little more than a value. It seems the values are getting so expensive that renting points doesn't seem like a whole lot more...