Split Stays an FP+ Selection process


Not truly sure it this belongs in resorts or FP+ section. Please tell me if I should move it.

We have a stay at SSR planned from Tuesday 2/27 to Sat 3/3 and we may or may not spend the 3 previous days in Tamps visiting family. I was thinking about making it a split stay and booking POR from 2/24-2/26. My question is- if we have to cancel POR after I make FP+ reservations, will I screw up the FP+ for the SSR portion of our trip.



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That will not impact the SSR FP. I wouldn't cancel the POR portion until you are within the 60 day window for SSR just to be on the safe side. But from what I've read that might not even be a problem. It sounds like once the FP are booked canceling the resort reservation won't result in losing the FP, even if it puts you back outside the 60 day window.