Spring Day at Disneyland - April 24


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I’ve been wanting to post about our day trip to Disneyland since it happened, but now with the new forum where I’m officially a member I’m making it happen!

The cast: Me who grew up In Southern California going to Disneyland all the time. Now that I live in Louisiana I try to get a trip in each time I’m back home visiting family. DH, who is anti-Disney, this was his first Disney trip since visiting wdw in 2011. DD4, on her 2nd trip to Disneyland, but has had 2 other trips to California Adventures. DS2, on his first Disney trip ever.

I had wanted to park in the Mickey and Friends parking garage as it overlooked Galaxy Edge, which was a few weeks away from opening. Instead we wound up in the Toy Story lot. We parked, took a tram, bought tickets, rented a stroller and were inside the park just before 9, about an hour after the park opened.

While everyone was still excited we took pictures in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Except in anticipation of Galaxy Edge it was being refurbished and under a scrim. Not something you often see. We took pictures with Excalibur and then went on Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Dumbo.

The line for Dumbo took a little longer than expected, but still made it to IASW during our fp grace period. (The fp was from 8:55 to 9:55.) They had trouble loading a wheelchair in while we were waiting and the lines got crazy backed up, but we finally made it on.

From there we went to Toon Town to use our FP at Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. (9:50-10:50) Then we went to Mickey’s house to meet him. The kids loved meeting him, although looking back we never took a posed picture with him.

DD was tall enough for Gadget’s Go Coaster so she went on that with DH. DS and I got in line to meet Donald, but he took a break right after we got there. Instead we got out of line and met back up with the other two.

We stopped for lunch at Red Rose Tavern. I had the mozzarella flatbread, dd had a cheese pizza, and Ds had macaroni and cheese. (Dh was no fun and ate a sandwich he packed to stay healthy.)

Here’s where the planning failed a bit. I had booked a fp for haunted mansion and had planned to take the Disneyland Railroad around the park to get there. Except we couldn’t bring our rented stroller on since it didn’t fold down. Instead we took the full loop around the park and let the fp expire.

We walked over to Fantasy Faire. DS fell asleep in his stroller, so he and Dh waited outside for us. We went through the line meeting Ariel, Snow White, and Cinderella. She got a quick hug from Mary Poppins as she was leaving and then waited in line to meet Gaston. Dd’s middle name is Belle and she was so excited to tell Gaston. He was actually pretty hilarious and I think one of the favorite characters we met.

We woke Ds up from him nap then and all went on POTC together. I think we may have gone on HM or JC then, but I guess this is what happens when you write things up 9 months later! I do now we want to BTMR to use FP next. (2:35-3:35) Since I booked FP for all 4 of us and DS was too short to ride using our paper tickets and rider swap dd was able to ride 3 times in a row, once with me and twice with Dh.

More to come....