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My April 2-9th visit was interrupted, so we are re-booked and going to go the last week of August 29th - September 5th. I am booking advanced reservations now and within the 180 day mark, so I expect some restaurants will be booked. But Story Book Dining with Snow White is an interesting story.

Checking on weekdays before August 18th, there is availability for 2 people at ~5PM or ~8PM almost any day. So it is busy, but not a sold out at 180 day mark busy.

But once you get to August 18th, there is no availability all the way to September 29th (the current 180 day mark). It certainly looks like they haven't released reservations yet...

So does anyone know

1) Do they not release Story Book Dining reservations at day 180 all the time?
2) Is it possibly they are closing it in August?
3) If they do open up reservations, anyway to know when they do without just checking everyday?
4) My actual party is 7, I have two girls, 3 and 10 - is it worth it? Will 7 be tough to get? (The boys will have to deal with it)



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First - So glad for a "normal" Disney question! Things are so crazy. . .
Second - I am not an expert and I bet they will chime in.

In my experience, I have found a dining reservation after the 180 day mark that wasn't initially available. Closing could be a possibility. I am stubborn and a fanatic when it comes to ADRs. I often check more than once a day. I have also used the Touring Plans reservation Finder with a great deal of luck, but I have to be fast. I don't know anything specifically about Story Book Dining.

Actually, we have a trip planned in July. Good chance it will not happen. Things are so uncertain. I am thinking that any ADRs that I have may be changed, adjusted, or canceled by Disney as they try to figure out what to do when they do reopen.

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I'd use Touring plans if I were you. You can set up 2 searches at once I believe so you could do 1 search for 3 and another for 7. Between people being nervous about the virus & the economy, I suspect it will be (relatively) easy to get an ADR between now & then.


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Last August I had a Story Book Dining with Snow White for my family that I booked at 180 days. Then some time later I realized there was a conflict and I needed to reschedule and it was fully booked at the new time we needed. The TP reservation finder came through for me, I think about 6 weeks before our trip.


Thanks - it looks like it is booked, didn't realize it is 180 days out so popular. (and weird that there is availability the end of July and beginning of August, but not mid August through September...) I have a search setup, so we will see if that works. I appreciate the responses, you guys are all so smart at this stuff. Have made my trips priceless...


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(and weird that there is availability the end of July and beginning of August, but not mid August through September...)

I wonder if that is because many people have cancelled spring and summer trips and rescheduled for the earliest they think the parks might be open. I know we are debating taking advantage of the free dining promotion to rebook our spring break trip before September and are thinking the later dates are better.


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The regular free dining promotion (open to the public in January) has a free dining period that starts with arrivals on August 29. I'd bet that, combined with free dining for people rebooking as late in the summer as possible as Anne says, explains a lot. In terms of dollars, Storybook Dining is the 2d most "efficient" use of a dining credit (tied with Chef Mickey's and 1900 Park Fare, behind Akershus, though I haven't spent any time trying to figure out the most expensive entree-dessert-drink combo at non-character or prix fixe meals).

We have a trip scheduled to arrive September 5, and I was able to get the ADRs we wanted, except for Cape May dinner. We have never been there, and I had not thought that was a difficult one to get. I bet the Touring Plans ADR finder will come through for us.
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