Struggling with EP plans - 11/28


I'm struggling a bit with EP plans. Right now, we're only planning one day at EP. Our ADR doesn't allow for an afternoon break so it's going to be a long day. It also doesn't feel like we're doing much, but I don't think I can pack in any more attractions.

My my crew includes myself, husband, parents and 4 kids (12,10,7 and 3)

November 28:
1. Ride Test Track 8:55-9:20
2. Ride Mission Space Green 9:25-9:50 (only part of the party will ride)
3. Ride Spaceship Earth with FP+ 9:55-10:15 (window 9:40-10:40)
4. ??? Open time from 10:15-11:00 when trying to follow cheat sheets due to my FP times. Would Soarin fit here with 3rd screen? Otherwise grab a snack
5. Visit Character Spot with FP+ 11:00-11:20 (window 11-12:00)
6. Ride the Seas with Nemo 11:30-12:00
7. See Turtle talk with Crush 12-12:30
8. Grab a snack and tour WS
- ride Gran fiesta

9. Ride FEA 3:00-3:30, window 2:25-3:25
10. ADR Chefs de France CP package
11. 5:00-6:00 open to wander WS
12. 6:00 In line for CP, 6:45 show with NPH
Head back to BLT afterwards

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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If you want to do Soarin' I would do it immediately after Test Track. You could do Mission Space on the way out. Otherwise you should move The Seas stuff to right after Spaceship Earth.


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I don't have stellar advice, just want to offer commiseration :) We will be at Epcot on that day too. It has been the hardest day for me to plan out of our trip, I *think* we are headed to Soarin' right after stopping by Joy and Sadness and then I am sending my oldest and DH with FP to Test Track (I have little one too short to ride)....I am envious of your FEA FP! I am hoping that we get lucky lucky the day of, or I will be waiting in line with oldest DD all afternoon while everyone else enjoys the World Showcase (good times!) so you are well ahead of us :RpS_lol: Here's to a great trip!


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Ellen you could get a rider swap for test track:)

Thanks, I've been reconsidering that! We will definitely do a swap for Soarin' but I think because we are spending such a short morning in FW it might be better if we divided and conquered with me taking the little one to do Turtle Talk while they ride Test Track (Unless I change my mind for the zillionth time!) Only spending one day in Epcot is definitely a challenge, the next trip we plan I will be changing that for sure!


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Wondering if this works better.
Do Soarin' after Test Track. Then SE and then over the Nemo and TT. After that your Character Spot and you are done by noon-ish. Then maybe head out for a little break.
On the way back in do Mission Space and over the FEA? Or get a 4th FP+ for Mission Space (for the end of the day) after you do FEA.
I defer to Josh though.


Thanks all for the feedback.

Good luck to you Ellen! I luck out a little that my kids don't want to meet Joy and Sadness (well I haven't actually told them about them but in general they've decided that they don't care about meeting characters this trip). It's a bittersweet thing. On one hand, it helps touring but it makes me realize my older kids are growing up. The 3 year old is still scared of our college mascot and he's been going to games with us since he was a few months old. Character spot is the only meet and greet time I have planned/scheduled all week so I guess we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping the holiday crowds have dispersed by Monday!