Suggestions on what to do with our ADR


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So our window opened yesterday. We have a party of 12 so I was nervous about if we would get what we wanted. I did have to switch two around but that wasn't a big deal. However I can't find anywhere to eat that will hold us beyond the Biergarten for our Worlds day. That doesn't appeal to us. We really wanted to eat at Tuttro Italia, but even splitting us up to 6 and 6 or 6,2,4 I still couldn't get anything close to the same time.

So now I think we will just not have any table service that day. We will just plan on quick service and snacks going around the worlds and then we can eat of each other's plates. However now I am left with a table service and not sure where to put it.

Arrival: 1900 Park Fare dinner
12/5: Akershus 10:30
12/6: Chef Mickey 5:35 (Going to be doing FL and TL that day at MK)
12/7: Epcot worlds no plan
12/8: Tusker House 11:30
12/9: Hollywood and Vine 8:00am
12/10: Crystal Palace 8:05am

So I was thinking of a dinner on 12/9 or 12/10? We are not doing hoppers. So any suggestions? Maybe the Polynesian for dinner on that last day 12/10?

Side note: The kids are pretty picky, as well as a picky Mom. The 'Ohana menu for dinner scares me. :)


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Problem solved! Tuttro Italia just called back and had a reservation cancellation. So we are eating at 4:30. Sooner then we wanted, but I'll take it!


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My kids are pretty picky, and they like 'Ohana. The meat doesn't have any sauce on it, although the wings have an unusual flavor. And they will serve kids chicken nuggets or hot dogs if you ask.