Swolphin buses


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How does bus service from Swolphin work now? When we stayed at YC over 10 years ago, all the Epcot resorts shared the buses and it was terrible. Now, I understand it's better.
Do the Swan and Dolphin each get a bus to MK, or do they share? If they share, who gets picked up first?
How about AK buses? Are they shared, and if so, what is the pick-up order?
Thanks for any info.


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A couple of weeks ago there were certain times we shared with Swan and Dolphin (we were at beach club). On the way back from Disney Springs for example we shared, they dropped of Swan first, then Dolphin, then Yacht Club, then Beach Club and finally Boardwalk. I thought it was insane to combine 5 hotels on one bus. I understand it is a slow time of year, but still.

Otherwise, even when we didn't share with them, Swan and Dolphin were always combined at the bus stops, but it was just the two of them. Disney Springs was the only time I saw where it was combined with anything else.