Terra Verde


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I know people sometimes are very apprehensive about renting off site as you don't know what you will get till you get there.
We have had good and bad experiences with renting off site and I want to share one of my best experiences up till now with you

We stayed in 2009 in a 4 bedroom villa which I can highly recommend to anyone looking to stay offsite.
It was clean and spacious, and the owner is an awesome UK lady.
She really met all our needs and I could contact her anytime.

Terra Verde is a nice resort also, although I don't like the long road you have to take once you turn off Irlo Bronson. It's kind of dark at night.
But there was constructions being done while we were there so maybe by now they have put some streetlights.

We stayed for 17 days and had just an awesome time.

Here is a link to the villa
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I've stayed at Terra Verde three times. It's a nice resort. The easiest way to WDW is to drive North on Poinciana and then turn onto the Osceola Pkwy (toll - bring quarters as there's no person at the booth) and then hit that the entire way to Disney. Very little traffic and a quicker ride than 192.


Yes, thanks Thadine - I am very limited in my off-site resort knowledge, so I appreciate your help with putting some info out there!


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This is great. We are considering stay off-site next time we go.


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One more thing, Terra Verde is a great location if you are doing other parks besides Disney. However, there are communities that are just as nice and inexpensive and are closer to WDW. Windsor Hills is one such community that comes to mind.


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Can't wait for more info on offsite! We've got quite a few families who are interested in traveling with our family to WDW. Some are pretty large families and I think offsite is the best option for them.