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Welcome to the New Be Our Guest Lunch FastPass+ Guide.

This guide should cover the basics of the BOG FP+. If anything is missing or wrong, let me know and I will add it or change it.

1) What is BOG?

Be Our Guest is the highly popular restaurant located in New FantasyLand. During lunch hours it operates as a Quick Service (Counter Service) dining location. In the evening it converts to a Table Service location for dinner. This guide will refer only to lunch operations. Dinner ADRs (Advance Dining Reservations) are a whole different monster.

2) What is a BOG FastPass+?
Due to it’s popularity, lines to eat at the restaurant during lunch are common. A BOG FastPass+ allows you to select a time in advance to arrive at the restaurant and dine without waiting in the line. It is NOT necessary to have a FP+ to dine here. It simply eases the process. In addition to skipping the line, you have the option to pre-order your meal cutting down the wait time even further.

3) Who can get a BOG FastPass+?
Right now FastPasses are only available to those staying onsite.

4) Does this count as one of my 3 FPs for the day?
No. You may still have 3 attraction FP+s scheduled in addition to the lunch FP+. As of right now, BOG FP+s do not show up in MDE with your other FP+s, plans, and reservations.

5) When can I start scheduling my BOG FastPass+?
Unlike regular ADR’s, BOG FP+s are not available at 180 days nor are they available at 60 days like attraction FP+s. Generally BOG FP+ timeslots open up in batches sometime in the middle of the prior month. For example: If you are vacationing in September, you may not be able to see your dates as available until August 10th, 11th, or 12th. Sometimes the dates are added on a 28 day rolling timeframe. For example: On July 5th, August 2nd will be available. Once your dates are available, you will be able to see one week's worth of FP+s opportunities. You only at this time be able to see 7 days of availability regardless of how long your trip is. Currently there are plenty of theories as to when they are released though each month seems to bring something new. There is usually a forum thread keeping track of when dates are released for a particular month. Following along is recommended.

6) What do I need to get started?
You will need your 12-digit resort confirmation number. If you have a package (room + tickets/dining), you get an 8-character reservation code. To find this code, wait until 60 days out and you are eligible for Online Check-in. When you go on to the MDE website to view your reservation, hover over the online check-in button. You will see the link with the 12 digits appear in the bottom of your browser window. Write that down. You can also find the 12 digit number on the MagicBand customization page or next to the Memory Maker if you have purchased it. It may also be printed on the Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags if you are using this service. If all else fails, call and ask for it.

7) How do I get a BOG FastPass+?
Visit You will be prompted to sign in using your MDE ID and password or asked to create an account. Next you will be asked to enter your 12-digit confirmation number. From here follow the instructions on the screen to select your date, members of you party, time, and whether you would like to pre-order your meal. If you do not want to pre-order choose FastPass+ Expedited Arrival from the top of the screen. If you want to pre-order, choose FastPass+ Direct to Table. Note that this option is checked as a default.

8) Pre-Ordering Food
Pre-ordering allows you to choose your meal and bypass the line at the ordering kiosks. You can choose to order for each person individually or order all meal options in one large batch. There does not seem to be any distinct advantage between the two options. When ordering you can view the nutritional information for menu items and make limited modifications like “dressing on the side”, or “remove horseradish sauce.” You can also tell the system whether or not you will be on the DDP. If yes it will tell you the number of credits used. If not you will see prices displayed. You will not be charged in advance.

9) Confirmation
Once you have secured your FP+, you will want to write down the confirmation number (if one is provided; you may not get one but that is OK), take a screenshot, or even take a picture with your phone. There have been reports of missing FP+s when diners have arrived to check-in. As this FP+ does not show in MDE, it is always a good idea to have a back up.

10) Using the FastPass+
When you are ready to use your FP+, look for the small booth to the left side of the bridge to Beast’s castle. This is where you will check-in. There is usually a sign indicating FP+ check-in and a CM outside directing people. When you get to the front of the check-in line, give the CM your name. You shouldn’t need to do anything else unless there is a problem. If this happens pull out that confirmation number you stored. This should be enough to get you in. If you need to order (chose Expedited Arrival),you will be directed to a CM at the end of the bridge who will send you to the line for the ordering kiosks. If you have pre-ordered, the CM will confirm your order and ask if you want to make any changes. If you do need to make changes, you will be directed to a CM who will tell you where to go. If you do not need to make changes, you will either be given a plastic rose which is used to find your location in the dining room or instructed that your MB will be used for this purpose. You can find a seat and your food will be brought to you when ready. If you are ordering at a kiosk, you will complete this step when you are done ordering.

11) Reviews and Pictures
Here is Josh’s comprehensive look at Be Our Guest Lunch

12) Getting Additional BOG FPs in the Future
Once you have registered a resort confirmation number, you will be able to log back into the system at a later time to select another BOG FP+ for future trips. At this point, it does not seem to matter if you are staying onsite. Once you have stayed at a Disney resort and entered that trip's confirmation number, it is stored in the Be Our Guest Lunch reservation site indefinitely.
-It is good for those who prefer to stay offsite. When you log back into the website, you will see 7-days of availability starting from the current date. Offsite guests who have previously had a resort stay are not shut out all-together. They are just limited to booking with less notice.
-It is not great for those staying onsite again. Since your resort confirmation number is stored in the site, you cannot enter another confirmation number to book in advance. The system doesn't seem to know yet how it wants to handle your new reservations. You may be able to login with the same user info that you used before and see your dates available as soon as they are released. -OR- You may be limited to the 7-days from the current date. This seems to show up differently for different people. It doesn't hurt to look earlier. For some this is fine. Just wait until you get close to your travel date, pull up the site, and choose a FP+ time.
-The Work-Around: If you are staying onsite and do not want to wait and the reservation system does not recognize your new travel dates, there is a way to get a FP+ earlier. To do this you will need your new resort confirmation number and another email address. This can be for someone in the party or can just be some other random email address you have registered for whether you use it much or not. To start go to the lunch FP+ website. Instead of logging in, choose Create a New Account. On the next screen, enter your new resort confirmation # and personal info and hit Next. You will be asked to Create an Account. This is where you enter that other/new email and create a password. You should be able to choose the dates for your trip when they are released now. Currently it does not seem to make any difference how many separate accounts your create. This may change in the future if Disney ever links the BOG FP site to MDE. Hopefully though by then there will be no need for the work-around.

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Great write up!

Under #6, you can also find the 12 digit number on the MagicBand customization page. Mine didn't show up when I hovered over Online Check-In. Or by calling.


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Great write-up! We go in Nov and I've been trying to follow along so I don't miss anything! Thanks!!


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I have a question about this... I did a BOG fp last year. When I log back into the BOG fp site, there is no opportunity to put in the new 12 digit number for this year. What am I doing wrong here?


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I have a question about this... I did a BOG fp last year. When I log back into the BOG fp site, there is no opportunity to put in the new 12 digit number for this year. What am I doing wrong here?
Rumor has it you are only allowed to do it once. You would have to create a new account with a different email and put the new # in. That's what I had to do. Dumb, I know...not my rules.


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Rhonda, did that mess up your regular MDE account? My husband has his own MDE account should I just use his?

Mrs. Potts

I used this in January. When I log into the site now, it lets me have the option to book lunch only until next Friday. Is it like that for anyone else? I'm curious about this now.

Good job Neffernie! :)


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Please move it where it fits best.

Can anyone confirm that you can only enter 1 reservation #? I can add that too.


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Yes. I entered my in-laws reservation number by accident, and tried to change it to mine. Called the support number and was told there is no way to change it. Ever.


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Thanks for doing this, Stephanie!

It was pointed out to me some time ago that the sticky I wrote on BOG FP+ was removed. I was never told why that was done, and so I did not repost it. I'm glad there is something to replace it.


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I used this in January. When I log into the site now, it lets me have the option to book lunch only until next Friday. Is it like that for anyone else? I'm curious about this now.
When I booked in March I was only able to see 7 days into the future too... thinking now it may have been because it was my second time.


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I am having the 7 days issue too. Our stay is in August, one night at Fort Wilderness as a throwaway and 5-day tickets for 6 people. Also when I log in with MY account, it says "Hi, Adam!" - who is my husband, and actually not even going on our August trip.... not sure what is wrong!