The Point Orlando Resort, Nov 2010 review (Universal partner hotel)


I forgot that I had posted this mini-review on the DIS boards a while ago, so I thought I would put it here as well.

Point Orlando

The resort was nice, definitely un-Disney-like!

The lobby has lots of marble and a generally upscale feel, with a small bar off the entrance. I think they might have had a few continental breakfast items in there but I didn't even walk in.

Much more of an adult-themed hotel than family-oriented, IMO. It was raining, so we didn't use the pool, but I'm not sure how comfortable I would have felt with my kids in the pool. Our room looked over the pool area and when I did look out and see anyone using the pool, it just had a condo/singles bar vibe to me! Can't really explain it, but that was my take - no kids to be seen, but as I said it was raining a lot.

The room was nice enough - leather sofa bed in the living room with a TV, and a glass topped small round dining table. Kitchen area was nice - full fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer. Giant bathroom - ridiculous waste of space in my opinion. The separate toilet area was inside the main bathroom and couldn't be accessed w/o walking by the open bathtub or the glass shower stall, so not really practical if someone needed the bathroom while you were in the shower. Nice size bedroom with a king bed.

One thing I didn't like - because of how the room sizes/suites are set up - there was an outer hallway door that you opened with your key, then inside that was a small vestibule that led to 2 other doors - ours and the room next door which we were not renting (they did not connect anywhere from inside the room but could be rented all as one large suite). A few nights the neighbors turned off the light in the vestibule area before we came home and we couldn't even see to walk to our door - so that seemed weird (for them to do that).

Service was spotty - we called down for something - an extra blanket - which never came and my husband had to go down to the desk to get it and I think he came back feeling like they were put out that he asked. There weren't enough towels either - very time-share like, but we didn't rent it as a time-share but as a resort, so that was a bit disappointing.

Excellent from a convenience to Universal standpoint - it is one of their partner hotels. Like a 3 minute drive to the US/IOA parking ramp.

That's about it - probably wouldn't stay there again with my family - it just didn't wow me. The room wasn't as pristine as I would expect either for a fairly new resort, but I think hotel rooms just get such wear and tear. It was worth the $100-120 (can't remember - it might have been $109) we paid for the extra space. I wouldn't NOT recommend though.