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Trying to make FINAL preps for our March 3 trip. Im trying to follow Josh's park touring plans but Im having problems deciding on which itinerary to follow. It will be my son 7 (47 inches tall today) son 13, my mom 65 and me. My mother will not ride the thrillers...She will wait at the exit. Do I choose a "touring with kids" or "disney adult" itinerary??? My boys will NOT watch any girlie shows, i.e, beauty and the beast, mermaid, etc. I know you can't tell me exact but because I need a veteran itinerary, I gotta figure it out.

Main Events for us:
MK - space mountain, pirates of the caribbean (visited many many years ago)
HS - Jedi training, TSM, Indiana Jones, and the stunt car show (never been don't know much)
AK - Everything except memo and the bird show (never been don't know much)
EP - Soarin, Test track (never been, don't know much)

Any advice will help. I'll post my final park itinerary for input after this small obstacle. Thank you ALL!


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Just a couple of bits of advice, for what they're worth...

DHS - if you and your mom want to watch the "girlie" shows, send your kids elsewhere. Especially at BATB, RnRC and ToT are nearby. I assume you're OK with the 13 year old being in-charge of the 7-year old for short periods of time? As the the LMA stunt car show, it's only going to be two or three times during the day and it way over on one side of the park. You need to effectively put that into your plan and allocate enough time to get there, see the show, and get out of there.

AK - bird show, yeah I can do without that too, but it's neat to see at least once. Nemo is not a "girlie" show in the least, it's Broadway quality. I'd see that over FOTLK if I had to pick. If you and the boys plan to do EE and/or Kali River Rapids, you could always plan it so that your mom saw the bird show or Nemo while you did those attractions so she's not sitting around waiting for you. They're close enough that it ought to work.


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Ok, people on these boards are great and very knowledgable. The best way to help them help you is to figure out what rides shows, etc you want to go to in each park and then cobble together a touring plan for each park then post that touring plan. They then critique it and you will be left with a very solid touring plan. Have fun!


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6 nights...5 day parks no hopper. I have the parks scheduled just working on touring the park. It's been a crazy day. I'll get back to working on all of it tomorrow. Thanks y'all!
I would either choose the touring plan with children and take rides out or the touring plan with adults and put rides in. The latter is probably easier.


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What days what parks? That will help with planning. On Tuesday it looks like you may be able to have the run of the MK, but if you do MK that day then AK is going to be a toughie. What time are you getting there on the 3rd? This would be my recommendation.

4th: Ep
5th: HS
6th: MK
7th: rest
8th: AK
9th: MK


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I am a Disney newbie. What is wrong with EMH? I thought they were a good thing!

They can be if you have a park hopper and are staying on the resort. The issue is that they draw more people to that park so that you may have extra hours but there are way more crowded hours. Going to a park the day after or day before EMH usually results in lower crowds because everyone is going on the EMH days. If you don't have a park hopper and you go toa morning EMH park you are stuck!