"They must have teeth" - A Covid spring break TR


It's been a while! I don't have many pictures. It was definitely different. But we still had fun!

We moved from NY to MI this summer - "ruining" the life of my 13 y.o DD. Not so much my 11 y.o DS, but he wasn't exactly pleased. And they are still not back in any form of in-person school. So since we've had a bummer of a year (haven't we all!) I decided to take them to FL for their Spring Break. My parents rent a place so I only intended to go there. But then DH (who hates Disney) suggested I go there a few days. I had a single day ticket from a quick stop we were going to make last year and I added on a 2 day.

Was intending to do 3 single days - park pass for DHS on Th 4/1, F 4/2, and Mk Sat 4/3. I planned to switch one of the days to Epcot when we determined if we got a Rise BG. B/C of DHS and Epcot, I decided to stay at Dolphin. I got a rate equal to Pop. Biggest downfall was that we flew out on Easter Sunday, and the flight changed to 7:30 am, so I had to hope we'd get an Uber without issue. 🤞

When DD heard we wouldn't be going to AK, she was a little bummed (EE is probably her second favorite ride) and of course they love FoP. And then I saw park passes for Epcot closed out. Eek, I didn't need two DHS days!! So I waited to see how hopping was going thru the first big spring break wave. Since it didn't close down I decided to add hoppers. BUT, then I heard reports of not being able to add when there were no reservations left.

Luckily, one morning I checked and Epcot was open so I called to add. After like 30 minutes on hold, the CM "couldn't find my tix" even though I already had passes booked. 🤔 She had someone call me back 2 hours later. That person had no issue seeing them and adding hoppers on. So now, we were set. I still had 2 DHS mornings, but I'd make it work...


I'd been practicing getting a Rise BG at the 1pm drop for weeks. Always successful (getting to the "not so fast" screen).

I tried again on M and Tu while in The Villages, FL and got the dreaded all full message! 😱😬 But I did a little research and found the ride had been having issues those mornings, so maybe that was why. Luckily, I practiced one more time on Weds before driving to WDW and had "success", so I was still hopeful.

We drove our rental to the Disney Car Care Center for a quick and easy drop off. Of note - I had asked here a couple months ago about being dropped off at the GF convention center parking lot so we could walk to MK and avoided buses. A few basically said the road past it wasn't a "real road" and I shouldn't ask an Uber driver to do that. My GPS actually brought me in that way. I was tooling along, we saw Disney University and the castle in the distance, rounded a curve and there was the GF on my left. A drop off there would have been super easy...

Anyway! The car care center shuttle took us to the Dolphin, we checked in, unpacked, placed a mobile order at Primo Piatto (or so I thought!), and headed to the Epcot Guest Relations window to make sure our hoppers were prioritized for first use the next day.

We then hopped on the Skyliner (no wait around 5:30pm) - our first time! We got a Ratatouille car! We loved it. DS and I are not fans of heights, but it didn't really bother us. (Seeing how high the other gondolas were made me more nervous than looking down from my own).

We got to Riviera - very pretty resort. I think my husband would really like it. Not super "Disney".

We went into PP and they didn't have our order. Turns out when I ordered (using a Disney Rewards card) it looked in MDE like the order was placed b/c it showed $0 owed after I put the card number in. But apparently I never hit submit. 🤦‍♀️ Be sure to scroll down a bit to see that button!

So I placed the order at the counter and it took 30 minutes to be done! Ugh! Lesson learned - mobile order early! But we got to sit in lovely weather while we waited (and I had my wine from the PP fridge, so that helped me at least! 😆 ).

I got the Greek Salad with added shrimp - really delicious! DS got a kids cheeseburger and a side of fries - totally fine. DD (13) got the kids cheese pizza - it was really good - way better than regular Disney pizza - but so small!! We noticed that all the kids portions seemed way smaller than in the past. (Yes, I know she's 13, but she's not a big eater. Kids meals have always been plenty for her - they definitely seem smaller.)

After eating we stopped into the Riviera store for provisions (rice krispie treats and a single Truly - priorities!!), then headed back to the Dolphin via Skyliner.

Aww, she's so pretty!

We walked back to the Dolphin (eek, it's a bit of a trek from the station!). Also, the evening line from Epcot visitors leaving was looooong!

We headed to bed b/c we had to be up at 6:45 to try for the elusive Rise BG!! 🤞🤞🤞


We have no plans to go anytime soon but the idea of trying to get Rise boarding stresses me so much!!!
I feel like the all the reading and research made it much more stressful sounding than it actually was.

The 1pm practices from home definitely made me realize it wasn't as elusive as I thought it would be.


Alarm went off at 6:45. We were going to walk over to DHS around 7:30 regardless of if we got the boarding group, so we just started getting ready. Around 6:55 DS and I went to sit in the hall 4 doors down from our room (I only had 1 data bar inside my room but 4-5 down there). I went to the Virtual Queue page, 7am started hitting joins. I got worried b/c it felt like it was spinning forever after the party page...

Woo hoo!
Estimated return around 12:15.

We left the room around 7:15 to grab breakfast in the store at the Dolpin. LONG line!! We didn't get walking to DHS until 7:40! We walked quickly and were in temp check lines by about 7:55.

I was wearing one of the masks Josh recommends and, I hope I don't get banned, I really didn't like it. 🙈🤷‍♀️ It kept sucking in on me as I was breathing a little heavy as we were walking fast. And then my face was a little damp from the humidity/fast walking and it felt like it was trapping it all in around my mouth. It also seemed to get "fibery" inside as I spoke? But! I loved the adjustable ear straps and I do like how it has a good "seal" around the mask. I definitely like it for grocery shopping, just not warm park days.

The temp checks started a little before 8:15. We headed to TOT first. Waited just before the pergola area for about 5-10 minutes then they started loading and it went pretty quickly. Over to RnR said 10 minute wait. Basically walk on - just a couple quick stops. Off of that a little before 9. We decided since we had another DHS morning the next day, we'd do TOT again and save MMRR and Slinky for tomorrow. Wait said 55 so we got in expecting less. I'd read all these reports of waits being "half" of what was posted. It was 53 mins to load.

We got some free ice waters at Rosie's, sat in the shade and drank them.

We were going to head toward Toy Story, but the kids decided on a snack, so we grabed a Mickey pretzel and Cuties at Anaheim Produce.

After eating those we headed to TSMM. Posted 35, but it changed to 40 right as we got in line. Waited 30. (When we were leaving later in the day we passed it and it still said 30, but line was at ride entrance, so it was definitely way less than 30 then as our earlier line snaked way back to Incredibles area.)

After the ride we tried to mobile order Woody's in the outside exit area of the ride. It was 11:20ish and the first return was 1:55! Instead we mobile ordered Ronto and Docking Bay with an almost immediate return.

Headed to SW land. We had never been so it was cool to just look around.

He didn't end up riding in it, but at least we got to see it!

I got the Ronto Wrap and kids sat down in RR. Then I headed over to Docking Bay to get the kids' pasta dishes - DD had it plain, DS had it with the fake meat sauce. I had to ask for to go boxes and scoop it into them. I said I was sorry I didn't order it to go in the app and the CM told me it wasn't an option. He said it's too bad b/c people are always having to do what I was doing and it would be easier to just put it in the boxes while they prepared it.

We ate in Ronto. All the food was very good. We really liked all the theming of the whole land. I know people complain that they skimped on it all, but I guess since we didn't do a ton of pouring over the plans and ideas before it opened it seemed pretty cool to us! :)

We still had a little time, so we walked over toward Rise, looked around, then sat and waited about 15 mins for our group to be called. I timed line entrance to off-load - 45 mins.

We all enjoyed it, but we decided it wasn't so ridiculously amazing that we needed to ride again this trip. 😬😱🙈 Plus, that freed up a BG for someone else who might be on a once in a lifetime trip. (And let me sleep in a few more minutes!!)

Decided to mobile order blue and green milks (immediately ready) and drank those (well only blue, green tasted like cleaning products...).

We then headed back to Dolphin via Skyliner. It was about 45 mins from boarding the gondola to back resting in our Dolphin room. Significantly longer than just walking back, but we enjoy the Skyliner!

Crowds were definitely there, but not as crazy as normal spring break. Masks were quite good, some noses and walking snackers but we just tried to avoid. Line creepers all over, but none that I felt I needed to say something to (yet??!!).

After a rest, we'll try some hopping!
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After a couple hours of rest at Dolphin (too tired from the early alarm to hit the pool which was a bummer b/c it was too cold our other days).

We took the bus to AK. Not much of a wait for it. There aren't specific pick up locations at the stop, so we just stood apart from others. I wondered what would happen if we all wanted on the same bus and couldn't fit? There was no line to determine who was there first - but maybe in busier morning times there were?

The Dolphin bus dropped us in the parking lot sort of by the Uber pick up area. The driver said something about spot 3 for return, so I was thoroughly confused if it was spot 3 by the resort busses or back in the same drop off area (bus intercoms aren't great anyway, but add in masks...)

DS developed a headache on the ride, so we got some motrin at the photo purchasing store outside the AK entrance. He took that and we decided to do ITTBAB so he'd have some time for it to kick in. Posted 20, took 20.

He was feeling better now so we headed to EE. Showed 30, kids got in line, I got a drink and some popcorn, saw them come down the hill and met them out front. Maybe took 15-18 mins.

Wait had changed to 15 so they went again. They were back out front 13 mins later.

Mobile ordered dinner at Satulii for immediate window and it was ready for clicking "I'm here" just as we walked up. I got beef over potatoes and the kids both got cheese quesadilla. I live those bowls! So refreshing compared to so much of the theme park quick food.

We wanted to hit Navi so the food could digest before Dinosaur, but it was 6:45 and we didn't think we could do Navi, then Dino, then back to FOP before the clock struck 8pm (closing). So we hurried over to Dino. Posted wait was 35, but the line was barely out the door - way shorter than when we'd waited in a normal 35 min line a couple years ago so we thought we would be golden. Ended up being 30 anyway! Lots of switch backs inside (surprised me that the bulk of the line wasn't kept outside?).

We were heading back to Pandora right at 7:30, so plenty of time to make FoP line by 8pm close. Line said 55, took 50.

This was only my second time on FoP. The first time I took Dramamine (I'm not a fan of simulators, but am totally fine on Soarin'). I didn't take any this time b/c I thought I'd be fine. Oops. I mean, I was fine, but I had to close my eyes a lot and just enjoy some swaying in the breeze! 😄

We headed to the buses and I confirmed with a CM that we'd go back to the random drop off spot for pick up. We got on the bus and it took off soon after.

We had thought for 2 minutes about bussing to Epcot to walk thru and grab some F&G items since it was open until 11. But ended up being so glad we didn't. We haven't been as active during Covid, so the walking was definitely getting to our feet and backs. And I was still feeling a bit off from FoP (was really glad when the bus stopped moving!!)

We had lights out with no complaints by 10:30pm (which my kids normally fight me about during vacation). We had another DHS rope drop the next day for for MMRR and Slinky.


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This was only my second time on FoP. The first time I took Dramamine (I'm not a fan of simulators, but am totally fine on Soarin'). I didn't take any this time b/c I thought I'd be fine. Oops. I mean, I was fine, but I had to close my eyes a lot and just enjoy some swaying in the breeze! 😄

This is the main reason I avoided last time we went. I'm okay on actual coasters, and Soarin' is fine - maybe because it's more gentle - but something about Star Tours had me very :sick:. I may need to avoid Smugglers Run. (Shouldn't there be an apostrophe or a comma somewhere?)


This is the main reason I avoided last time we went. I'm okay on actual coasters, and Soarin' is fine - maybe because it's more gentle - but something about Star Tours had me very :sick:. I may need to avoid Smugglers Run. (Shouldn't there be an apostrophe or a comma somewhere?)
Yeah, I've never attempted Star Tours and never will.

Also why DS didn't get to go on MFSR (I use the abbreviation to avoid the apostrophe issue!!). DD and I both aren't fans of screens, so we decided to skip it. I offered to walk the line with DS, but that's an odd ride to do alone I think. You and some random couple or family/friend group in the room? It's not the same as sitting on a coaster one I feel? So he passed.


It sounds like (mostly) fun so far. Glad you enjoyed (most of) the trip.
It was better than I thought it might be!

And DD mentioned she enjoyed not having the FP b/c it felt a little more spontaneous. But, she also said she missed the efficiency of a "Josh trip". 😄 We've never waited more than 25-30 mins for a ride even during Spring Break until this trip.


Day 2 - Fri 4/2. Got about 30 more minutes of sleep b/c skipped the rise BG try today.

Learned our lesson on the Dolphin store breakfast line yesterday and just ate some granola bars on our walk to DHS (only when no other people were around!)

Left the hotel around 7:40. Strolled to DHS. Waiting at temp check around 7:55. I mobile ordered some food from Woody's to be ready at 10:05. See, I was learning! They let us in around 8:15.

We went straight to MMRR. Noticed TONS of people heading to Toy Story...which worried me for our post-MMRR Slinky plan.

Walked right on to MMRR. Our first time and we thought it was very fun.

We headed over to Slinky and I was relieved to see the line looked short. Then I realized I didn't see the train running...

We walked on to Saucers. Still no Slinky so we schlepped over to RnR. I wasn't interested to ride so went to wait in ToT line while kids rode. Line said 55 and looked easily that (based on our 53 minute wait the day before) so I went back to wait for the kids. RnR said 10 mins, it was about that, maybe a smidge more. By the time they got off the line was loooong and said 45.

We checked MDE and Slinky showed a 5 min wait (right at 9am) so we schlepped back. But when we got there still no trains running and CMs were announcing Slinky was down, so we opted to wait for TSMM which said 30 but was no where near backed out to where we were yesterday at 30 mins. It was probably 20.

After TSMM, still no Slinky...(Ended up being down until we left around 11:30 and didn't see it back line til later in the day).

So we decided to head over to Muppets thru Star Wars while we waited for our food pickup window. Right around the droid depot we noticed the cool blue-haired character on the raised walkway by the land speeder. So we decided to sit and see if Rey or Chewy came out.

We hung out and watched a little (so cute to see her interact with the little girls dressed as her!), then back over to Woody's for food.

DD and I got "pop-tarts" (they only had the lemon blueberry) and DS some "tater tots". The tarts were yummy - but the crust is definitely more cookie like than a regular pop tart. As a big kid DD liked it, but I could see a little kids being annoyed that they weren't true pop tarts. 😆 While eating we realized we needed some more tots!! I decided to try to mobile order more immediately (thinking it would be a futile attempt) but success! I got an immediate arrival window.

After eating we decided to try Muppets again. We got in line with the sign saying 25 mins. But standing in a long winding line I decided to look at the app and it said 45! For Muppets??? Nope! So we left, headed back thru Star Wars, saw Chewy with Rey,

and out to Toy Story.

Still no Slinky and with lines high everywhere, we decided to leave.

But first! Mickey bars! There was a line creeping family behind me with noses out and I was thankful for the CM who gave them a loud reminder.

After the bars we headed out. Kids wanted to take the Skyliner again, but I reminded them of the walk from the station to the hotel, so we decided if we saw a boat we were going to take that. Yay for my feet! A Friendship boat was pulling up just as we were exiting. Perfect!

We took a couple hours of rest in the room. I think I even snuck in a little nap! Refreshed for an afternoon/evening at Epcot!


4/2 Afternoon hop to Epcot.

It was SO crowded, but we did more than others I read about that day.

We left the Dolphin just before 2. There was a Friendship boat was at the dock so we saved our feet and took that.

The IG entrance was easy, but WOW - there were a lot of people there!

DD's friend from home was as Epcot for the day with her family, so we walked to Figment to meet her there. Hopped on that - posted 25, maybe 10.

Since it was mid-day, we decided to just hit whatever looked remotely short.

So we headed to Nemo which was posted 10 but was walk on (though I think that dang queue IS 10 minutes to walk!).

After that we headed to Spaceship Earth which was posted 25 but we only waited maybe 15.

The girls left to walk around. DS and I got food at the F&G booth just outside TT exit. Avocado Toast, Shrimp & Grits, and Cinnamon Bites (stuffed donut holes basically). All were delicious.

He and I headed to Mexico for 3 Cabs, but line to get in to pavilion was way too long. We thought about Frozen. Posted as 55 mins but it wrapped way around and into China, so we said nope!

Instead we headed to a bench on the bridge from FW to WS and rested our legs, enjoyed the flowers, people watching and the weather. DS has always been the least excited about trekking around the parks. He's definitely a rope drop, hit your favorites, back to the resort kind of kid. DD is much more the open to close type - willing to head across the park for a short line, etc. So he was annoyed that it was so busy and his favorite rides (Soarin and TT) had long waits.

I connected with DD who had also tried 2 Cabs but balked at the line to get in. So we met her and the friend to get Violet Lemonade. We sat on a bench to drink and the Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy cavalcade came by. With the 4 of us on the bench, no one else came near, so we got some individual attention from all the characters - that was fun.

We decided to heard to Soarin as is said a wait of 60. When we got there DS decided he didn't want to wait that long, and appeased me by going on LWtL b/c it walk on and a longish attraction where he could sit for a while! The girls went to Soarin which ended up only being a 35 minute actual wait.

When we got off LWtL we went to check Mexico again, still too long. Instead, I convinced him to wait out the 65 at TT b/c we'd already missed Soarin and since I didn't plan to stay out until the 11pm close, it was likely not going to get much shorter than that. A few minutes in to the wait they dropped it to 55. DD and friend joined us. We waited 50.

This looks like the most bring ride on TT ever! LOL
No one touch anything!
Masks covering smiles
Oh well – we were having fun, I promise!

Test Track Mar 2021.jpg

The friend's mom connected with me as we were about to board, so after the ride we met them outside and said goodbye.

B/C we really do love 3 Cabs, we headed BACK to Mexico and the line was finally short enough. But first a shot for “the Gram”.


The CM with the Wait Here sign outside Mexico said it would be about 20-25 minutes from there to get inside. It ended up about 10 minutes in and then 5 for the ride. We had to the creepers from hell behind us in line though and leading the charge was Grandma. Her 10 year old grandkid even pointed out what they were doing (getting right up behind us) and she shook her head and did it anyway. I asked a CM for help (Hi, could you please give a gentle reminder to our close friends behind us!). He nicely but firmly reminded her and she proceeded to get mad at him. I felt so bad for him, but he was awesome and she did end up hanging back after that.

I really wanted a margarita, but since I couldn’t walk and drink it, it just seemed like such a waste of time to sit there while I drank it. That was one bummer about the trip - we missed some things we wanted to eat/drink b/c we didn't want to spend time standing and ingesting.

I decided to mobile ordered Regal Eagle so it would be ready by the time we got there.

On the way I saw a cell phone sitting on it's own on a high top table sort of near the Africa Outpost. We stood by it for about 5 minutes and then I decided to hand it off to a CM. I saw a chef coming from a backstage area and asked him about it. He told me to take it to Guest Services. I wasn't a fan of that idea as I didn't want to hold onto it the whole time we were eating, so as we proceeded along I went over to a cashier at a F&G booth and she took it and said they’d bring it to Guest Services.

We got to Regal Eagle and our food still wasn’t quite ready. We weren’t comfortable with eating in restaurants if we didn’t need to, so we sat at a picnic table outside waiting for it. (freezing! it was real feel 45 or something and windy – and we’re northerners, we can generally handle cold but the wind – eek!) There was an 80s cover band playing and my kids were cringing at all us old people dancing! Food was finally ready (I think this was the longest wait for mobile ordered food – except when I forgot to hit order on the first night! :RpS_blushing:).

DS got kids ribs with mac and cheese and pickles for the sides. Unfortunately, he got the end of the slab, so it was really like 2.5 ribs. He said they were good but would have liked more. DD got just mac and cheese. Neither of them liked the mac and cheese. It is a bit “more” than regular Disney mac and cheese – with the creamier sauce and spiral noodles. DS didn’t like the pickles either – he’s a Kosher dill kinda guy and wasn’t a fan of how these were a bit sweet almost. I had the half chicken and it was good - DS ate some of that with me.

We finished and it was so cold, we decided just to walk back to the hotel. I really wanted a La Vie en Rose from France F&G, but it was just too cold at that point. 😕 And DD really wanted a virgin Pina Colada from Hurricane Hannah’s at Beach Club as we walked by, but again, just too cold.

I had to stop in the Dolphin food store to get DD a package of salami, cheese and crackers b/c she was hungry after only eating 3 bites of mac and cheese. And then we headed to the room to rest and go to bed. I also used the “schedule” feature for an Uber the next morning b/c we needed an early Contemporary dropoff for our MK day.

Overall, despite the crowds and creepers, we felt pretty successful for a 2:15-8 afternoon hop during Spring Break. Even though crowds weren’t minimal, we still would have never done all that in a non-Covid year. (And would have probably fit Soarin and Frozen in too if DS had been willing to wait in line!)