Thoughts on FP selections?

So, I just made initial FP selections for our (me, DW, DD9, DS9) trip in January. I'd appreciate any comments on my selections, in terms of timing and efficiency. Some of the FPs that I've selected are more changeable than others, of course. We are generally good about getting to the parks around opening, but probably not early enough to get to the highest-priority rides.

1/22 Epcot - We currently have an ADR at Topolino's Terrace at 7:45AM, but it may get canceled. Test Track is closed, so the choice for which FP to get was between Soarin' and Frozen Ever After. Our plan is to go to Soarin' first thing (which may be after park open), stay in Future World in the morning with FPs at Mission: Space (9:45-10:45) and Spaceship Earth (10:45-11:45). We'll be in World Showcase in the afternoon, with an FP for Frozen at 1:40.

1/23 MK (1st day) - I think that we'll start in Fantasyland+Tomorrowland, but not rope dropping 7DMT or PPF, which we have FPs for. FPs/times are Peter Pan's Flight - 9:35-10:35AM, Space Mountain 10:45-11:45AM, 7DMT 1:45-2:45PM. We have ADRs for Be Our Guest around 4:30 both on this day and our second MK day, we'll definitely cancel at least one.

1/24 AK - Since we got an FP for FoP, I guess that we'll try to start with Navi River Journey, although it looks like it gets pretty crowded pretty early. FPs/times are FoP (2:55-3:55PM), Safaris (4:20-5:20PM), and Rivers of Light (arrive 5:50-6:15). It seems like a lot of people use a dining package for RoL so that they can try to get 4th, etc FPs, but we are initially planning on a dinner at Sanaa at around 8PM. We are thinking of canceling both the Sanaa and Topolino's reservations for a Tusker House lunch, which would make it a shorter day (park transportation from AKL to Coronado Springs is probably tricky). EE is probably too intense for our kids.

1/25 HS - We got a Slinky Dog Dash FP (much tougher than FoP for some reason). I wonder if they will start issuing FPs for Smuggler's Run. Might start at the non-SDD Toy Story Land rides, or Smuggler's Run if RotR is getting most of the pressure? FPs/times are Star Tours (10:00-11:00AM), Frozen Singalong (arrive 11:00-11:15AM), and SDD (1:50-2:50PM). We have an ADR at Brown Derby at 12:15PM.

1/26 MK (2nd day) - It probably makes sense to start in Frontierland/Adventureland on this day. Current FPs/times are 7DMT (9:50AM-10:50AM), BTMRR (11:10AM-12:10PM), and Rapunzel meet (1:00-2:00PM). Should I move the 7DMT FP to after the Rapunzel meet while I can?

1/27 HS (2nd day, morning only) - Our flight leaves MCO a little after 3:00PM, so MDE might want us to be at the hotel by noon. The only FP I've signed up for so far is SDD (9:40-10:40AM).

Thanks so much for any comments, or even just for making it this far!


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Looks like a fun trip. I have a couple of suggestions.

Epcot - Soarin is kind of easy to get as a 4th FP, and also posts reasonable standby waits in the evening, so I'm not sure it makes sense to do it in the morning, especially if you might not be at the head of the RD crowd. And if you decide to make this change to your plans, maybe flip your FPs so you're doing Spaceship Earth when you enter the park, and then Mission Space. It would save you some walking.

AK - This is purely just my opinion but I wouldn't recommend Navi River Journey. It has some cool effects but not worth the hassle of getting to the park early and being in/adjacent to the FoP RD crowd.

MK 2nd day - For walking purposes I'd move 7DMT like you suggest.
Thanks so much for the feedback! I was originally thinking that if we eat at Topolino's, we'd take the Skyliner to the International Gateway, which is (maybe?) closer to Soarin' than it is to Spaceship Earth, although Josh notes that it's a longer walk from there to Soarin' than coming in the main entrance. But it definitely makes sense to think about doing Soarin' as a 4th FP/evening choice if the standby wait is long when we walk in.

I'll have to think about Navi River Journey. I don't relish the idea of waiting a long time in order to get on a mediocre ride. Maybe we'll do Safaris first thing instead. We did Safaris twice on our first (and only up til now) AK trip and it was a highlight.


fwiw, we had a pleasant rope drop experience to Navi River Journey, getting to the park about 30 minutes before scheduled open, in the park 20 minutes before scheduled open, straggling at the end of the FOP crowd. Still almost no one in that crowd going to Navi, and we were off the ride by the 9 am scheduled park open. That was a fairly low crowd day, and there have been a few reports recently of DAK not letting people in to Pandora until closer to the scheduled open, which would greatly compress the crowd. You don't really have to make that decision in advance and could judge the crowd when you get there and see how they're handling rope drop then. I'd also switch Tusker for Sanaa that day if I could (full disclosure: I've never eaten at Sanaa), but that's primarily because my younger kids couldn't handle eating that late.

Re your Epcot day: If you really want to ride Soarin' with little wait, the only safe course is to cancel the breakfast and rope drop it. If Test Track is closed, that could affect Soarin' FP+ availability and also divert a substantial percentage of the rope drop crowd that would otherwise be headed to Test Track.

Other days sound good to me, and I agree with moving the 7DMT FP+ on the second MK day.
Thanks for the advice, hizouse!

I'll definitely think about doing Navi River Journey; getting to the park at 30 minutes before scheduled open (on a 9am day) sounds doable, at least in theory. We're strongly considering doing Tusker House instead of Sanaa, and since we'd be seeing Mickey and friends at Tusker House, we'd likely cancel Topolino's as well.

I am a bit concerned about extra waits at Soarin' with Test Track being closed.

We did go ahead and move the FP+ for 7DMT.
So, we wound up getting inside AK around 8:35, and we went straight to Navi River. We liked the ride, but it definitely wouldn't have been worth waiting 60+ minutes later in the day. It was still a walk-on at that time, and we were able to do Safaris in standby right afterwards. Things got pretty congested pretty quickly after that, thanks in part to both Kali River Rapids and Primeval Whirl being down for maintenance.

For Epcot, we wound up not getting in to the park until around 9:40, but Soarin' was fortunately still only 15-20 minutes at that time. We were able to do Soarin' again with a similar wait a little after 6 as we were getting ready to leave, and we caught Living with the Land just before it closed.