Ticket start-date earlier than arrival


So, I just realized something and want to run it by you all in case there's something that I'm not seeing. I'll be doing 4 consecutive days of parks Nov 1-Nov 4 for my Wine & Dine 10K trip. I had been planning on buying a 4-Day non-PH ticket, with Nov 1 being the start date. I just realized that I could buy a 4-Day non-PH ticket starting Oct 29 (which would be valid through Nov 4) for almost $12 less. (that's 2 Food & Wine items!) Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this?


The only downside I see is if you get sick or tired, decide to have a rest day, and then extend your last day to the 5th. Covering that small possibility wouldn't be worth $12 to me. I'd do it.