Tickets Used on Non-Consecutive Days


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Hi! It's been a few years since I've planned a Disney vacation, and this one is different because 1) it's 'last minute' 2) we're staying offsite for part of the trip.

We are arriving Monday, May 6. Staying onsite for 3 nights. On Thursday, the 9th, we move offsite for the duration of our trip, departing on Monday, May 13.

We have 4 days of park tickets. We intend to visit the parks on the 7th & 8th (while staying onsite) and then on the 10th & 11th (while staying offsite). This is OK, right?

In MDE, it's currently showing our tickets as being 'valid until May 9th', i.e. the day we check out. Why???

I know I'll only be able to book FP+ at 60 days for the first 2 park days. But if I only book FP+ for those 2 days, I'll still be able to book them at 30 days for the 10th & 11th, right?

Thanks for your help!!!


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Did you book a package for your onsite stay? I’d probably call to get it straightened our, or better yet, get a travel agent to do it for you.


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These new ticket types are a PITA. A stand alone 4 day ticket is good for 7 days from first use and would work for your park dates. The package ticket assumes you are doing your 4 park days on the days you are onsite. 4/6-4/9. I have no idea if it will actually will be valid for 7 days from first use the same way as a stand alone ticket. But I wouldn't assume they are identical tickets now that everything has been redone. I agree with Brandi, I'd call Disney ticketing to check. I wouldn't even trust most travel agents to get this right (although I would trust the TAs on this site to know whats what with the package tickets). Worst case I would think you could delete the tickets from the package and buy stand alone tickets.