Time to arrive for RD MK Thanksgiving week


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As I have only stayed on site at DW, I do not know the answer to this question. A friend will be going with her family for a day at MK on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I doubt they will be aiming for 7DMT as her son is not good with roller coasters, but they may try for Peter Pan. What time should they arrive at TTC for a 9AM RD at MK? Thanks.


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They may change the opening times to 8am, so your friend should check that at least the day before. I have stayed offsite during Thanksgiving week a few times. We always tried to get to the TTC an hour before the park opens.


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I'll be there this week as well... I plan on arriving at 8:00am on Wednesday and hope to be at the front of the pack for 7DMT. The 9:00am open still stands, though they have extended hours later into the evening.