Tip on searching


New member
Josh, I'm going to write you a love letter about this site shortly. So don't take anything below as a knock on your site or anything.

I have found myself wanting search for things in you blog, but the search at the bottom of the right column gives me a long list of blog post intros which are kinda hard to look through (for those of us lazy people that find scrolling to be just too much work.) They also seem to be listed by date rather than relevancy. So here's another way to search your site. Let's say we're looking for mentions of "dole whip". Type into GOOGLE:

site:easywdw.com dole whip

Now, many results from the forum will appear. To exclude those, and get just blog posts, type this into Google:

site:easywdw.com dole whip -forums

Posts that mention "dole whip" in the title will come up at the top, which is often useful. I don't know who's reading this particular forum so maybe I'll post this elsewhere too, since this isn't really a bug or error.