Too Mean For Mass Consumption?


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I can't decide. It comes before my first hour of "ideal magic kingdom touring." I may leave it for the first few days and then delete this part for archival purposes if anyone ever wants to link to it and not have to deal with a rant:

Excuse me fora moment as I try to do my best impression of every other "Disney blogger" on the planet. Which is to say, allow me to write a "Walt Disney World update" from 75,000 miles away from Disney World. Just pretend like this website is relevant in 2k12.

In other news, the website remains popular with Larger if you want to read it. Interested in whether or not I'm really a stupid person (don't answer that), I asked just about everyone I saw under the age of 30 about whether or not they had heard of a "Christa McAuliffe." No one had. I think it would be a much different story had you grown up watching and hearing about it. For those of us that were six months old at the time, it's much less of a life altering event. Tom Hanks convinced "my generation" that we had no business in space.

Actually, I should be nicer to since they love me there. Hi Diz. <3 you. Here's a link to what the Internet thinks about this website. Someone remind me to start interrogating anyone that doesn't say easyWDW in those types of threads in the future.

Speaking of bullying, I was minding my own business this morning on Lake Washington, sipping a (virgin) hot cocoa when I received a call from the 336 area code. Assuming that it was another call asking me to donate to Mitt Romney's Olympic horse fund, I declined to answer. It turned out to be The Len Testa (TouringPlans owner) himself leaving a voicemail accusing me of leaving a massive amount of "negative comments" on their blog via "anonymous proxies" and that I "needed to stop." I can assure you that I've never left a negative comment on that I didn't tell them I was leaving. That actually amounts to two comments. And in full disclosure, I'll tell you about them right now.

The first ones comes from this post, which was a short lived attempt to thwart the barrage of negativity coming from this website. I think it lasted three days:


This one was posted as with an IP that traces to a lewd city in France. I sent their blog overlord a text that it was actually me commenting.

Unfortunately, this sort of post trying to tell us, "Hey, we were right" only demonstrates the lack of data TouringPlans actually collects on a day to day basis. If you look at the charts, you can see that they collected three wait times at Soarin', two wait times at Living with the Land, two wait times at Sum of All Thrills, two wait times at Spaceship Earth, three wait times at Maelstrom, and one wait at Gran Fiesta Tour , for a total of 13 wait times over the entire course of the day. Since they recommended Epcot, it isn't because people were simply avoiding it due to the recommendation. The comment I made was somewhat honest. How can you tell me that Epcot is a 2.7 or a 3.5 or a 5.3 or a 9.1 when you don't have a single wait time at Soarin' between 12pm and 9pm?

So you can probably guess why they stopped running those. You may also notice that they no longer post their "predicted" and "actual" crowd levels via Twitter or Facebook anymore.

And then in this post, I made this comment using the same IP, email, and name:

I even used a smiley face! And ZOMG SoberJosh. I can assure you that none of the other 35 negative comments are mine. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been really nice to recently! I don't think I've mentioned them at all in the last month and I think you'd have to go back a couple to find something truly derogatory. I was going to post the voicemail Len sent on YouTube for your listening pleasure, because it really is funny (in kind of a sad way), but I'll let it go for the sake of friendship. Anyway, don't call me again.


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Yikes! I think this Len guy is the one that needs some help! But I do have to ask, why did you post under Ralph instead of Josh?


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Not to call attention to myself originally, I guess. I was actually interested in the answer and didn't want it to seem particularly agressive. The thing is they didn't originally post the first question about the charts, so I texted the person in charge of the operation asking why and letting them know it was really me. The question popped up a couple of days later with whatever that answer means.


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Ahh.. It seems like this guy has his "fighting gloves" on because he is feeling defensive about his "product." I'd ignore him completely and keep doing what you are doing! How do you manage to do it without charging though? (Not that I want to pay but I probably would!)


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I'm usually more likely to simply ignore the competition and out-do them with a quality product. If asked specifically for my views on "brand B", I'll usually just say that we have different ways of creating product and that we feel that what we sell are some of the best widgets on the market.

I get a little uncomfortable when companies in the same business bash each other. I think it's a bit classless, or it makes them seem somewhat desperate.

That said, I believe a scientific review of how they do their touring plans versus how EasyWDW plans are designed is cool.

Obviously this is just my own opinion, and I know I'm probably in the minority. Please don't ban me for too long.


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If I'd known they were voting over on Disboards I'd have voted for yours as well!

I used to do TP before I found your site. I emailed them a lot directly due to problems I found with their 'statistics'. Crazy numbers and number changes when they 'upgraded'. And those were just for the few days I was tracking.

I was initially surprised younger folk didn't know about Christa McAuliffe but there's plenty of stuff my dad knows about that I don't. He is surprised often that I don't know things he thinks I should.

Try not to let the negative comments get to you. I love love love your blog. I laugh out loud often and always look forward to seeing a new post.


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Len is just worried. You give everyone this site for free, while he charges too much for the same or even a less accurate thing. TPs fuzzy math drives me nuts.

Plus you are super awesomely funny.


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Interesting. I didn't remember who Christa McAuliffe was (and I was in 6th grade watching the explosion live on TV). But when I highlighted her name, my web browser had a popup with her picture and a brief summary of her Wikipedia article. Chrome is cool.


I love this site and I can't wait to follow your advice on our next trip - I wish I had known about it for our last trip!

Also, I was 10 when the Challenger exploded and I remember it as clear as day, as everything happened and unfolded. I normally have an excellent memory, but while I remember and could easily recognize Christa's face, when I hear her name, I draw a blank.

Edit to add: I let my subscription to touring plans expire, but would pay for this site!!


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Interesting. I didn't remember who Christa McAuliffe was (and I was in 6th grade watching the explosion live on TV).
I remembered who she was. I was in 6th grade watching on tv too. I'm pretty sure she was the teacher that went up. I couldn't tell you the name of any other astronauts on that flight or any since then though. So I officially call BS on Mr. "Our Education System is failing us".

As far as everything else, Josh, I appreciate your blog and the awesome accuracy of your crowd calendars and touring plans. I like your jokes, so keep it up if it works for you. I know I'd be willing to pay (but would no longer pay for touring plans, and I actually have never been to TGM)


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I think I would just leave it alone, and not post it. I don't think it will "prove" anything. Just do your thing, and make your site as good as you can, and don't worry about his site.


I think Len is really just worred the new free improved Disney app that could replace Lines.


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I was 4 years old at the time of the Challenger explosion and I didn't recognize her name either. I don't think that the school systems are "failing" us because of that.

So what massive amounts of negative comments did they think you made? Are they still over there?

And who is SoberJosh? That name seems familiar.


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I was in college when Challenger was lost, and remember the non-stop coverage on the news.

Later, I became good friends with Christa's sister when we were in the same class at the Culinary Institute.


I would take the high road and just let things go. Although I'm sure I would be trying to privately tell Len that you weren't the source of those posts, but maybe that's not even worth it. But I think posting any of that just makes you look bad and I wouldn't do it.

I'm with Pam on the not bashing each other thing. I appreciated always that TGM didn't bash the other companies in the same business.

As for Christa McAuliffe, I was 20 and in college, so my experience isn't relevant compared to someone who is in their 20s.


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I've always had a politician's mentality. I'm better for you because the other guy is this and this and this.

It always seems to work.


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I agree with the others who just don't like the bashing. It's a bigger reflection of the person who does the bashing than it is of the person being bashed. While we do it on the boards and have fun with it, I'm really not fond of it for the blog as that's what most people who visit the site see. It makes you seem insecure. Also, I remember learning in a marketting class that a business that's top in their field will focus their advertisements on themselves while those who follow behind them in second or farther down the list focus on comparing themselves to the top company. I think that adds to my impression of this kind of thing. It makes your product look like it can't stand up on its own merrit in some way. Stick to the boards with this.

As for Christa McAuliffe......

When you live in NH, you can't help but know who she is. The state's big planetarium is named after her and at least in our school district, kids in I think it was grade 4 or 5 go on a field trip there.

I was in 8th grade when Challenger exploded. Is it bad that I think the most likely reason I remember her name was the bad/distateful jokes right after it happened? I wouldn't post these on other sites, but I know I won't get in trouble for it over here (love this site). Here are a couple that stand out in my memory.
How do you know Christa McAuliffe had dandruff? They found her head and shoulders on the beach.
What were Christa McAuliffe's last words? "What does this button do?"

OK, I'll be honest; that's not the only reason I remember. Part of me was disgusted at the time that being an astronaut was no longer something that only the best of the best could strive for. At the time I wanted to be an astronaut (well, and a doctor) but somehow choosing somebody who hadn't been training for years and wasn't in some kind of elite program just cheapened it.


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I don't ever take Josh's comments in the blog about TP as serious bashing or anything. I think he's just joking around. And honestly...a lot of the stuff he says in based on reality. I's true that TP using a lot of stats with decimal points. I don't think there's anything wrong with poking a little fun at stuff like that. Personally, I enjoy it and find it entertaining.