Touring Hollywood Studios w/2yr old


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Hi everyone! My family is heading to Disney 8/27-9/4. We booked before the Galaxy Edge opening announcement. I switched our HS day to 8/28 to try to avoid crowds. I’m a huge Star Wars fan but my 5 and 2 year old won’t really appreciate it yet.
My husband I took my 5 year old when he was around 2, so I am familiar with visiting Disney with a little one but my 2 year old daughter does not have the chill personality of my son. She is very active and doesn’t like to sit still for long.
Being as there are not a lot of rides for her to go on at HS, do y’all have any tips or ideas for entertaining her while we and her big brother go on some rides (we plan on using rider swap)?


We had a 2- and 3-year-old at DHS last summer; that was thankfully the day they both took long naps in the stroller. So a comfortable stroller that reclines a bit would be a priority. (perhaps not a good sign that my #1 tip for this park for toddlers involves naps)

We rope-dropped AS2 and TSM and were able to get a same-day FP+ for one of them later. Our Tier 1 FP+ was for SDD; we didn't try to double up on FP+ using rider switch, but I absolutely would do it the next time. E.g., Mom and 2yo get FP+ for TSM at same time as Dad and 5yo get FP+ for SDD; Mom and 5yo ride SDD with rider switch. That gives the 2yo something to do during one of the SDD rides. You could meet characters during the other. The green army men are fun, too--not sure of their schedule.

My 2yo did not like the Disney Jr characters, which was a bit of a disappointment, but she did like BB8. We all liked the Frozen Sing-along, but I wouldn't want to do that twice in one day.

There's not much close by Tower and RnR--if one parent don't mind skipping one of those you could try to time those around the Beauty and the Beast show. Looks like there's good space to run around outside the new Cars show, too.

To the extent your 5yo would think it's a treat to have some extended time alone with one parent, this might be a good day to try that. Take the 2yo to the different shows at DHS and then for a walk around the Crescent Lake resorts (as long as the pools wouldn't be too enticing), with promises of ice cream. Hopefully the Skyliner will be operational then and the 2 yo would find that fun (and perhaps an option for the ride back after walk from DHS to Epcot).


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We took my almost 2 year old in December and she enjoyed HS, as much as anyone can :p We met Donald and Daisy, Chip and Dale, the characters in Launch Bay, saw the Muppets 4d, rode Swirling Saucers, Frozen Show, and hubs and I did single rider on RnR while she napped in her stroller.

We didn't do the Disney Jr characters because she didn't know any of them, and the show was being refurbed. The only thing we missed that she would have maybe liked was the BATB show. We were there from 9am-3pm or so and that was enough for us for the day!


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Our 2 yr old twins and their 5 yo sister loved the Disney Jr. Dance Party and it gave them some active play to balance stroller time. The new Cars experience seems similar to Turtle Time with Crush, so that might work. I've read that the big Ursula puppet (?) in the Ariel show might scare little ones but our kids loved the Frozen Sing-along...and they did!


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First time we took our daughter to DHS she was 3. She loved it, went on Toy Story Mania as basically her only ride, but she loved all the Disney Jr. stuff. I wouldn't do the shows that require her to sit still and watch (like Little Mermaid, Indiana Jones or B&B) but Disney Jr, Cars, Frozen Sing Along are all good choices. And, not sure if she would be into characters (DD at that age loved "fur" characters, but was scared of "face" characters) but they have a bunch of meet and greets as well.


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Thanks for all the tips! I'm excited and nervous for our trip. My kids are so active that they make everything an adventure even going to the grocery store. :p