Touring Plan for Hollywood Studios Timing Question


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Thank goodness for this site!!!! The whole Disney thing overwhelms me and stresses me out!!!! Anyway, I was looking at the very helpful 1 day itinerary on this site. However, it gives two options for Hollywood Studios, a 7am open or an 8 am open. When I'm going, the park opens at 9 am. Do I push the whole itinerary up an hour? If I'm staying at a resort, do I get in early? I ask this because the itinerary was recently updated but doesn't seem to take into account the opening time. Please let me know if I'm missing anything. I appreciate all of your help (in advance!)


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Depending on when you're going, it may well change to an 8am or even 7am opening. When I made my FPs for March, opening for my dates was still officially 9am. Since then it's been updated to 8am, and I wouldn't be surprised if it changes to 7. For HS, my planning philosophy has basically been, be prepared to wing it.

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Use the 8am opening plan unless your going to be there at a really busy time. It will generally work for 8 or 9am opens. Unless your Fastpass window is soon, you may want to wait to plan your Hollywood studios day until Josh posts new advice after the Mickey ride opens March 4. In the meantime read through some of his recent Hollywood studios posts.

When you're feeling overwhelmed by Disney planning it helps to make a list of the things that are most important to your family and prioritize those and be prepared to skip things. Don't stress about always doing the newest attractions , the most hyped restaurants etc. It's all new to you! And there's lots of fun to have without "doing it all"!! Our best Disney memories have been when we stopped to smell the roses, not necessarily a particular ride.


Just for some background info for Carrie:
The "normal" opening time is 9 am for all 4 parks. Disney will open some earlier during busier times, sometimes not announcing the earlier time until a couple weeks in advance. Since Rise of the Resistance opened in December, they have opened Hollywood studios every day at 7 or 8 am. No one knows how long that will last, but crowds are still strong.
As far as getting in early due to staying at a resort: you are referring to Extra Magic Hours, which are scheduled by Disney at 1 park per day. They can be before regular open or after regular close. When announcing earlier opens at DHS recently, they have also moved all EMH there to nights.


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If you're going after March 4th you can literally ignore almost everything about Hollywood Studios. It will all change.