Touring Plans Redux - "BluePrints"


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
BTW - i like the FP ride times. I tend to think that if I have a FP, I'll have no wait. It's nice to be reminded that that's not the case, and what I should expect for a wait.


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Josh this looks really fantastic! LOVE the map and the color coding! This would make it really easy for a novice to plan with! You SERIOUSLY need to copyright and start charging folks for the privilege of using your site!! I'm in!!

I like the name BluePrints fine. But, with the website being, how about calling them "EasyPlans" for symmetry? Just a thought.

Where do I put my credit card info?!?


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Regarding the peak wait times being listed, it certainly may not be useful to a seasoned WDW visitor who knows which rides will have a long wait time during the day, but for a newbie, I think it's useful. It will provide an indication that's it's a popular attraction, and that they should ride it in the morning.
In that case, I think it probably needs verbiage like "typical peak wait time" with it, or prominently near the top of the list.


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There will be a set of instructions to go along with them similar to what I said in this post, only hopefully more clear.


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That map is beyond wonderful. In a previous life I was a cartographic technician, so I'm a sucker for a good map. Great use of color and cleanness of the lines.

It makes a confusing park very clear. The customizable tour plans are neat and the explanations make it work that much better.

Just personally I don't like the title BluePrint because in my rigid way of thinking a blueprint is a plan for the construction of a physical structure, but I'm weird :RpS_flapper:



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I'm a bit behind on checking this out -- great work, especially with the Acrobat stuff. Acrobat can be a pain in the a** to work with sometimes. A couple of comments... (1) what about square brackets, e.g. "[11:00]" for the not-always-scheduled show times? (B) what about "ParkPlans" (no spaces) versus BluePrints?


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LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I'm very impressed & I think they will be brilliant.
I really like the "easyPlans" name, it does keep your branding.


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Looks great! A few questions, though:
- Why is BatB "before 11 or after 6?" I'm assuming that's a mistake? I don't think it's usually offered before 11 or after 6.
- Although the functionality is neat, since the verbose touring plan/rationale at the end isn't changed when you change the dropdowns, what is their purpose? That kind of dynamic changing is probably beyond the scope of a .pdf though.
- Instead of 70 +- 20, why not just make it 50-90?

Can't wait for 3.0 though...


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I guess I can take a page out of the McDonalds playbook. I'll put it under consideration.

It's 70 +/- 20 because 70 minutes is what you can expect from a crowd level 5, or the average peak wait time. The yellow on shows indicates you want to visit the first or last show. There will be a blank map offered without the touring plan numbers written in so you can write in your own order and change the order if you so choose. The dropdown menus also make it easier for me to change the order when I'm making them so I don't have type or copy paste every attraction. They are a :RpS_cursing: to set up though.


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How about listing the typical peak wait times for crowd levels 3, 6 and 9? For instance, maybe 30/60/100 or 5/15/30 or whatever it might be? I think that might be a little more useful than a range (50-90) or a single level with variance (70 +/- 20).

FWIW, I chose 3, 6 and 9 intentionally. 1 and 2 aren't really relevant as the wait times don't matter much when parks are that slow and not many people visit during those times. 6 is a little busier than average, which is when many people visit. 9 is close to the max, but recognizes that there are busier times. They're spaced apart evenly. There are three, which is an easy concept to grasp -- slow, moderate and busy -- or in Disney terms, busy, busier and busiest.


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It's not the be-all end-all wait times indicator - just intended to give you an idea of the peak afternoon wait at a glance. Like you said earlier, it may not be terribly helpful but if you're unfamiliar with wait times you can quickly glance over and see 50 minutes at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and get an idea that it's not the standby line you want to be in at 2pm.


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I REALLY like the maps! So easy to read--even for someone like me! (I'm extremely map-challenged. Reading the map at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, my son's pre-school class and I kept going in circles and saw the zebras 7 times---never saw the monkeys in 6 hours!)
REALLY well thought out! This is an example of why this site is so fabulous! The hard work put into it really shows!
Thanks a million!


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I have been gone for awhile and I must say I love your touring plans. Great job!


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I think you have to be carefull not to put too much information in it. As they say 'sometimes less is more'. Put too much information and you run the risk of turning your plan into a big giant clusterf### of data.

I view the BluePrint as something the user creates and takes with them. All of the information about showtimes, typical wait times etc could be removed from the BluePrint drop downs and obtained from text within the BluePrint or from the site. The dropdowns would be ride/attraction only, next to it would be a text enable box that the user could fill with notes (total characters would have to be limited to avoid turning it into a different clusterxxxx).

So my thoughts...

Page 1 The map (an arrow for FastPass locations might be helpful but also might make it a cluster)
Page 2. Drop downs - a column of numbers 1-26, a drop down column of rides/attractions minus all the ancillary information, a column for blank text entered by the user
Page 3. Text information as provided with additional info that is contained in the current drop downs. (or include a link to the site in that would have that info. That way when the info changes you only need to update the site, not the site and the BluePrint)

I think that would do two things 1. (most important) it allows the end user to add information they feel is important and 2. (pretty important) it allows you to not have to change drop down box when Disney decides to change show times or if historical wait times change for some reason. Those updates could be made in the page 3 text.

As is, I feel it is very well done and a great tool - don't try to make it contain every piece of information because that isn't possible. If I were you, I'd be more inclined to remove information than add it.


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FASTPASS attractions are already noted by being in all capital letters - i.e. TOY STORY MANIA.

There will be a blank map so that you can "create your own" plan. The whole idea of the pre-made plans is that you can just take one and it will work.

Acrobat is a lot more cumbersome than you might imagine. You seriously don't want to know how long it would take to change the dropdown menus.