Toy Story 4!??!


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Its not just pixar though.... I mean think about the insane amount of reboots going on across the board these days. I agree that I would prefer a new idea over reboots and dragging out other concepts. But I also agree on Monsters Inc. Id love to know what happens after/I thought it would have been a more natural progression than Monsters University was.
Might I introduce you to the banal world of Monsters inc. sequels in the "Disney bedtime stories" book collection.


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We host movie events 2x a year, and 5 in a row have been/will be sequels...
The Last Jedi
Incredibles 2
Wreck it Ralph 2
Toy Story 4
Frozen 2

Our other 2 choices for this/next year were re-boots: Mary Poppins & Dumbo.

I am excited about many of these, so I'm not complaining necessarily... just wondering, do they even make new movies anymore?


The teaser trailer is ... odd. And disturbing. I mean, the whole idea of toys having consciousness but having to pretend they don't with multiple copies of the same personality is the sort of thing that just makes you more uncomfortable the closer you examine it, so we all ( at least me) just accept the premise and don't dwell on it because there's no need and the Toy Story universe is great.

But the spork in the trailer, who has been turned into a toy and desperately screams into the camera that he shouldn't be a toy and doesn't belong there and tries to escape? Well, that just throws the issue right in your face. Like, was he granted consciousness out of nothing when some child drew a face on him? And does this cause him to endure a seeming existence of pure anxiety? Or do all small household items have consciousness, and he's disturbed because the essential nature of his being has been altered? What about all the paper that kids draw faces on? Are they all suffering from the same neuroses as the spork?

I don't want to think about these things, but the desperate spork who wants no part of being a toy is the only actual story element in the trailer. What else is there to think about? No. Based on this trailer, I want no part of this dark, tortured vision.
I saw the new trailer and wondered if it eases your mind a bit, or if it might still give you nightmares. :RpS_laugh:



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I had this conversation with my daughter, who was similarly skeptical.

Based on what I've seen so far, I'm looking forward to it. This is an existential crisis for Woody. TS2 had some of that flavor, but his question there was: What form of external validation do I value? This question is different: what is my inner purpose? He has always assumed he knew in the past. Now, maybe not so much.

Disney's raison d'être is to cross-promote stories, franchises, theme parks, etc. And it's not new. That's the entire reason why Disneyland was built the way it was built; the lands were intented to cross-promote the genres of the company's film library. Mickey was the company's first franchise-exploited-forever. It hasn't stopped, and it's not going to. Frankly, I'm happy that the various Studios are paying as much attention to story as they are within the confines of what the structure of the company requires of them. I know some of you also remember the decade or two prior to Little Mermaid.


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I know some of you also remember the decade or two prior to Little Mermaid.
That was exactly when I was born/grew up (b. 1965, Little Mermaid* released 1988), so the Disney Parks to me always seemed like museums for all the older, classic films. It was unheard of, for me, to see something "modern" in the parks, and when I finally did, part of me resisted and felt like they hadn't earned their place. Now, of course, it's all (or mostly) about the the new.

*I only went to see this, in fact, because it had gotten good reviews. New Disney films, to me, were the silly Snowball Express or Escape to Witch Mountain live-action films, forget about animated. It was exciting to witness, as a young adult, the Disney animation renaissance, where each new film could be the next Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. As it turns out, nothing surpassed them, but a few came close. And then came Pixar.


I'm all for it. I'd rather watch Toy Story 8 than live action Dumbo any day of the week.
I hear you, but I'd rather see Coco (to pick the most recent "original" movie) than Toy Story 8.

I don't mind the live action remakes too much, but do think they're coming a little too Fast and Furious (to name-check a franchise which actually does have 8 movies).

George, what about the Ken Russell films? Computer Wore Tennis Shoes was my jam.


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They're going to make 4 more Toy Story movies after this one?! You know something I don't know about!
The various studios will continue to produce new material. They will also continue to flog tent-pole franchises. As long as the former still happens at a respectable clip, I'm happy.


I'm awaiting a horror spin off. Toys of Terror; Sid's Revenge.
The first time I rode Small World as an adult, I had a vision of an alt-Toy Story where the small world animatronics are sentient but condemned to sing that song and make those movements for eternity.