Trails End Buffet Dinner


On a Thursday evening in late June with 6:15 ADR.

Arrival by boat from TTC is a very nice relaxed intro to the laidback vibe of Fort Wilderness.

The interior seemed a bit dim to us, emphasized more when we were placed in a corner of the room. All 4 of us were happy with the variety and freshness of the salads and other first courses. Our carnivore son was also especially pleased with the non-vegetarian offerings, and in general we all liked the mains and savoury side dishes we tried.

The glaring weak spots for us were : 1. the dinner rolls offered, of three kinds sampled none seemed fresh, and 2. desserts across the board. None of the multiple squares/pastries we tried seemed fresh, and the softserve ice cream was unappetizingly watery.

Our server went next door to get a strawberry shortcake for the fam to share as an anniversary offering, so she rescued the dessert situation, but if that had not been the case we would have left disappointed. As it is, I think we would give the breakfast buffet a try in future, but not sure about returning for dinner.