Transportation form Epcot back to Hotel on New Years


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I wanted to find out if anyone had transportation advise for getting from Epcot to a Disney Springs hotel on New Years (after midnight). I know it's going to be bad, but one of these options has got to be better than the others:
Option 1. Take Disney Springs hotel Bus
Option 2. Drive
Option 3. Take Disney bus to Saratoga Springs and walk to hotel (a 15 minute walk is no problem)



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Don't drive unless you want to sit in traffic for 3 or so hours getting to Epcot.
Granted, you'll still be doing that on a bus or in Ride Share at least you won't be doing the driving.
When leaving my local friends just bring a cooler and tailgate in the parking lot for an hour or so. I kid not, the bring lawn chairs and a cooler and hang out.
Traffic is why I spring for a resort within walking distance or don't go.