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If you're concerned about luggage and that's pushing you to a bigger and more expensive vehicle, you can have one adult take a taxi with most of the luggage to the rental while the other adult drives the rental car, kids and a bag or two. Do the same on the return. That way you're not paying to rent the larger vehicle for the whole week. It will take some price comparison to see if that's worth it. I know people have posted some taxi fares on here as well as fare calculator links so a search should help you.


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Remember to factor in Car seat costs to the rental (not sure the age on all the kids or if you are bringing your own) This does vary per Rental company and can make a big difference. If you are a AAA Member you can book hertz (or something like that) through them and get car seat fees waived (at least that was true LY)

In the past I have used Priceline Name your own price and usually get MCO rentals at $25 day including all taxes (named $15 price then taxes).. but I don't remember if you can pre select size vehicle size or not..

Finally car rental reservations usually do not require money down and are fully refundable, so book if you see a good price knowing you can usually change later to a better deal.


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Thanks, everyone for the advice. We really only need a vehicle big enough to fit us, but my Mom and StepDad are coming up for 2 nights, so they could ride with us those nights if we have a bigger vehicle. But it may not be worth the cost to upgrade.

And luckily we are bringing our own carseat so that's not a factor.


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At non Disney hotels... I tend to just say we are a family of four. We don't mind sharing two beds. Once all the kids are older we'll worry about getting two rooms.

Yep. There are too many issues with a Disney hotel for a week, but there isn't any admission/transportation/pool usage thing to worry about with a regular hotel. Even at free breakfast places, they aren't going to be counting how many heads came out of your room.

ETA ... oh, read further along, you're flying. I found minivans/large SUVs were about 3x the cost of a regular size car. If you can make a 5 passenger car work (seriously, you're only going to be driving 30 minutes at a time max), it's probably going to cost less for your parents to get their own car, plus it will give you more flexibility.


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With a family of five (plus stroller and luggage) staying off site our past trip and upcoming trip I was playing the rental car game like crazy since we needed a mini van which is more expensive. Cheapest way I found was to check on Costco frequently and also on UT (Alamo).

If Costco isn't an option or isn't cheap, UT is reasonable. You have to prepay there and get some sort of ticket (even if it is just a $10 Planet Hollywood Voucher). But last year for a while getting their minivan was $250 cheaper than anywhere else. I booked it, later had to cancel, and UT had awesome customer service in refunding the money back to my credit card.


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I did it! I just booked our flights. When we actually ran the numbers, it was only about $400 more to fly. Then we figured dh wouldn't have to take that extra vacation day for driving, so that wiped out the $400.

Smart choice. Too often I see people that, don't fully take into account all the costs, not just financially. Plus, given ALL the costs of your trip... hotels, food, tickets, souvenirs, etc... The extra cost is really negligible especially in relation to the hassle of driving.

True story... a few years ago friends of our were driving to Disney from Ohio. Family of 7. I found them round trip tickets non-stop for $1,500, total. They still drove. Blows my mind.