TT, Soarin, FEA without FP


Planning to hit RD at EP on Sat, 9/30. If we want to do TT, Soarin, and FEA without fp, what order should we attempt? We are willing to do single rider at TT. I'm thinking single rider at TT > Soarin > FEA, in that order but would like input. Thanks!


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We just did this on Tuesday. We went straight to FEA--waking briskly but not as fast as we could have--and basically walked on. When we got off, the line was out the door! Then we went to Soarin' and waited between 10-15 minutes. At that point we did Test Track single rider which took a good 30 minutes as it seemed they were having some technical challenges--I think that should have been quicker if everything was working correctly. We then did Mission Space Green and waited between 15-20 minutes. Considering we were saving our FP's because it was our only SDMT we had for our trip later that evening, things went just fine.



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What are you planning on doing after those three rides? It might make sense to end up near where you're planning on being. I would think Soarin -> Test Track -> Frozen Ever After would likely be best logistically if you're doing World Showcase after. It would be a haul from Frozen to Soarin' to Test Track back to World Showcase.


We were there earlier in the month, and TT had the longest wait times. Soar'in wasn't too bad, the nice thing about the wait, all indoors. FEA was broke down quite a bit on one of our EPCOT days. When it opens, it is a lengthy wait.
I can't really recommend the best order but can offer a bit of personal experence... I was at Epcot yesterday and we backtracked a lot, but were without kids and don't mind walking. Soarin' at rope drop was pretty easy, and after riding Mission Space, we arrived at FEA at 10:06 to a 20 minute posted wait - we were on the ride in 12 minutes. It rained off and on all day, so we didn't ride Test Track.