Twp Questions: Non-Working SpaceBar and How-To Add Strikethroughs (or any BBcode)


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1. The last few weeks I sometimes have an issue that the spacebar doesn't work when writing a post. I will sometimeslookatthescreenandseesomething like this. If I write two posts in a row it will malfunction on one and work fine on the other. The work around in the troublesome posts is that the spacebar works when the cursor is between two characters and only malfunctions when writing into open space, so to speak. So I pre-type a period, put the cursor behind it and then everything is fine but it's less than ideal. I even tried a different keyboard and it still happens so I do not think it is hardware and it never happens on any other site. I'm mostly wondering if anybody else is experiencing it.

2. I wanted to use strikethrough in a post. I couldn't find a button to do it. Adding the bbcode directly "word" didn't work. I tried the Paste from Word function and it seemed to work when I pasted it but then when I saved the post the formatting disappeared. It's something I could definitely live without but wondering if it's possible.


I've noticed this only when I reply with a quote. I found, in that case, to move my cursor up to the same line as the parenthesis behind the quote and hit the return/enter key, which seems to clear up the problem. Seems if I just put my cursor under the quote and start typing that is when my space bar won't work. I have no experience with the strike through button.


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Josh you can wait until the Chrome and vBulletin folks sort it out as far as I'm concerned. Just glad to know it's not a problem on my end that I have to diagnose.


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I had noticed it myself in private messages and was wondering what was going on with my own computer since I've "literally" changed nothing on the back end in some time. I found copy/pasting a space from another page fixed it, but I think it was actually just hitting the "enter" button that did it. I would also reiterate that if you are looking at "premium" forum software to take a long hard look at something Not vBulletin.

It's a pretty massive problem that should affect any forum running vBulletin 4 so somebody should fix it.


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