Uber and Lyft Pick Up Locations


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According to Uber these are the pick up locations for WDW. Is this currently accurate? If so, are these the same spots for the Minnie Vans also?

MK: From the TTC, the driver will pick you up in the parking lot to the left of the park
EP: Epcot Bus Stop
AK: Taxi lot
HS: Main parking lot (keep right as you exit parking lot)
DS: Strawberry Parking Lot

For resorts is it outside the lobby areas/taxi locations?

Since it has been around for a while, are there signs that show were to go?

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Minnie Van locations are not the same in most cases, at least for the parks. They told us that the intention is to have Minnie Vans pick up at bus stops at all parks but I do not know if that has been completed or not. I know it has for HS and MK, and sort of has for AK
Minnie Vans can go to MK proper, not TTC. They go to Bus Stop 11.
They also have a spot at the bus stop at HS, not sure of the number.
We've never taken it to Epcot.
At AK it is at the very end of the bus stops, past where the park buses are located

For Uber/Lyft it is where Passenger Drop off is located. It is not marked any further than Passenger Drop off (where a local parent could go to drop off a teen, for instance)
I believe MK is correct, we never use it for MK, we always to to CR or take Minnie Vans
AK is right next to tram station (this park has the best location of all the parks, we take Uber/Lyft to AK almost ever single time for this reason)
HS is sort of right behind the bus stop. It's sort of hard to describe. It's really in the middle of the parking lot but also in a marked area. It's next to where the walkway between the 2 parking lots is, if you are familiar with that
Epcot moves around. It's not at the bus stops now. It's closer to the monorail station. You come out of the gates, go straight and walk down the sidewalk to a covered area

For resorts they can go to the same place private cars can go, with 2 exceptions. CSR and FW. CSR has internal gates so they can only go to the lobby area. FW doesn't allow cars to drive around so also they have 1 central location.
Other resorts, if there is a parking lot for the resort that you can drive to, the Uber/Lyft can also drive there. Just use that for your pick up spot. If there is not a parking lot by the individual building (like most Deluxe Resorts) then you are picked up at the main lobby/door.

Minnie Vans are able to drive into CSR and they can drive to Pioneer Hall at FW.


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Great. This is very helpful. When you say bus stops are you always meaning the resort bus stops? Not the city buses (if they even go there)?

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Great. This is very helpful. When you say bus stops are you always meaning the resort bus stops? Not the city buses (if they even go there)?
Yeah, where the resort buses go. I'm with you, I haven't a clue if city buses go to the parks or not. If they do, they do not go where the Resort buses go.


If we are using Uber or Lyft to go from BWI to DS will they drop us off in the “Rideshare area” on the DS map (near WPEx) in the Marketplace area? Can we go back from that same spot?
We have zero experience with Uber or Lyft. Trying to save steps in the August heat!