Uber from Newark Airport?


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Does anyone know if you can use Uber from Newark airport or if there are any restrictions? I keep reading that some airports have issues either not allowing or only allowing certain levels of service. Wasn't sure if anyone has used it lately or knows the routine at Newark. Thanks


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Check the app. I see all services available from EWR. Most airports have a Rideshare pick-up area either outside of baggage claim, or upstairs at Departures.


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While I can't say for certain if there are any restrictions, I know that you can use Uber. My bil and sil used Uber this summer to get to Newark. My family and I did long-term parking for our trip this past April and on our way to the airport, there were multiple cars pulled on the side of the highway. I think I can safely assume they were Uber or Lyft drivers waiting for a pick-up call.


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One thing to consider: NYC is the one place where I prefer a cab to uber/lyft. The cab drivers know how traffic really works there in ways that the rideshare people (and their apps) do not. If I were going into Manhattan from EWR, I would probably opt for a cab.

I haven't come into EWR in a while. But, the app will tell you where to go and what the process is. Just open it when you are in the terminal after landing.


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Thanks. We did this pretty easily. We were just going about 20 minutes away in NJ around midnight, so traffic wasn't really an issue. Might be worth a cab next time anyway only since it probably only saved me about $5-7 and had to wait about 10 minutes versus just jumping in the cab right there late at night but it was pretty simple either way. I just wasn't sure if they let UBERX work at airport and it did.