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We are staying off property this summer. I am wondering if getting an Uber to/from the parks would be better than parking in the lots. Do they drop off/pick close to entrances? Any advice welcome.

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Not only would it be better than parking, it might also be cheaper depending on how far away you are staying offsite.

Parking is $25 a day at the parks and I'd wager that the average Uber or Lyft ride is around $10.

The pickup and drop-off for Magic Kingdom is at the Ticket and Transportation Center, but the drop-off will still be closer to the ferry and monorail than where you would park. The other three parks the drop-off is also closer to the gates than where you would park unless you were "first ones here".


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You may want to get an estimate for a ride. I am hearing that costs for a ride are rising significantly with the shortage of rental cars. Also, they are fewer of them. This is not first hand experience, just what I have been reading. Just wanted to throw that out there.


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It's Easter/spring break so demand is higher, which would make costs higher with surge pricing more likely. If you're going during a less crowded time of year or need a car at a less desirable time, you'll still be fine. At Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Studios, the pickup-drop-off couldn't be much closer to temperature check./the entrance.

The one potential issue is that the parking lots don't open until 30 to 45 minutes before the park, so you could be awkwardly waiting in line. If that happens, just tell them you tip well. The exception would be the Transportation and Ticket Center where they should be able to drop you off whenever since you'll bypass the parking plaza. It would still be smart to try to get dropped off at the Contemporary or Grand Floridian.