University Study on Visiting the Disney Theme Parks


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Hi! We're a group of researchers at Texas Tech University who want to know more about Disney fans. If you have five to fifteen minutes to spare, we're conducting a survey about visiting the Disney theme parks.

If you wish to participate in our project, please use the following link to be directed to the survey:

In order to participate, you must be 18 years or older. More information can be found on the survey homepage. We're grateful to all who can assist!


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For anyone concerned about the legitimacy of this post... I am not aware of any details here, and to my knowledge they did not reach out ahead of time for permission to post this. However, I can tell you that this user is indeed from Texas based on the IP Address lookup, and not from the other countries where most of the Spam here originates.

As Josh would say, "seems legit" ... at least based on IP, but I can't confirm the details myself without them giving us more information about the study.