"Upgraded" to Version 4.1.4


Staff member
Updated the forum version to 4.1.4 this morning. vBulletin promised a "What's New" button on the mobile skin but apparently they forgot it. I'm trying out a new "advanced quick reply" addon. We'll see if it performs better than the last one. I'm headed out here for a couple of hours but will return with some times guides. Please post if you notice any weirdness and whether you like this quick reply addon more than the last one. The problem with the last one was that it really screwed up the mobile skin when trying to reply but this one isn't a whole lot better in that arena.


Yes, I posted a message in the Tech Support forum - I hadn't seen this thread. Check there and it explains the weird quick reply behavior I'm seeing (which oddly enough, DIDN'T happen when I posted this message here). Maybe it's fixed?