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that's a shame
I get the concept of combining Disney gift's my question.

Does the face value of the cards matter when combining multiple cards, i.e. if I have three $100 cards, can I load two of them onto one and have one $300 card (even though the card says $100 on it)?


Yes you can, and the face value doesn't matter, We just bought 10 $100 cards at BJs for their discount and loaded them, along with others we already had, onto 5 cards. Some have $200, some have $300, some have more.

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Only limitation is max of $1000 per card.
I think there may be a max number of cards allowed too but this I'm not sure about.
The number printed on the card really doesn't mean a thing once it's bought and paid for. Helpful info I guess but the amount is only right till it's used. :)