Using the word "ressie" will result in a ban from the forum


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Oh My I used re***e for Amercian Girl because it is not an I banned??? :behindsofa:


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Maybe there should be a list of exceptions. But I can guarantee "ressie" and "brekkie" will not be on that list.


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Thanks Josh. I almost cringe when I see *that* word too, so the limiting of it is appreciated.


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I guess I am ok as long as you can still add "-y". :RpS_biggrin:

Can I request you also ban people from using nouns as verbs or adverbs? That drives me crazy.


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It feels like someone unearthed one of my old posts to point out all the words "not" to say........
I am guilty of ressie, Cindy's, brekkie not only in posts but in titles, too.
I yam who I yam.


You guys crack me up - you just made my day. I feel like I am in the middle of a Sienfeld episode. A long conversation about practically nothing that is hysterical!! I also hate the use of "that" word. It never has made sense to me.