Using the word "ressie" will result in a ban from the forum


expert on dietary needs and disney dining
Can we get similar ban on "veggies," or is that automatically included in the rule?
Is adding "ish" to a word also frowned upon in this establishment?
how about "my bad" that just makes me cringe
I'm definitely guilty of these ones. I'll try to do better. I know how much like nails on a chalkboard some of the others to me are so I'll try to be considerate of the rest my peeps (I bet that's on somebody's pet peeve list).

Feverishly trying to think of gross medical procedures that can end in "ie"...
Oooooh, I could have fun with that one.

You guys crack me up - you just made my day. I feel like I am in the middle of a Sienfeld episode. A long conversation about practically nothing that is hysterical!! I also hate the use of "that" word. It never has made sense to me.
We try. Actually, what's sad is that we don't. I think it comes rather naturally to have a long conversation about nothing.


This thread is fab! ( <--not all shortened words need to end with an -ie to become annoying)
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expert on dietary needs and disney dining
Trekkie is a proper noun. Can't ban somebody for typing a real proper noun (I love loopholes).


does anybody know how to change this?
YOLO is usually what some moron says when they do something completely dumb and/or dangerous. My feeling is it's the "hold my beer and watch this" of the current generation.
I know people usually use a y instead of an ie, but can we add appy to the list?

People should write like they talk. If someone over 3 were to say things like appy, breakie, or sammy to me in real life, I'd probably have to smack them.


how about "my bad" that just makes me cringe
My sister went through a phase in her pre-teen years were she used this phrase all the time. I hit her on the head each time. Took her about 2 months of that to stop. She is in her 20's now and thanks me for doing that.