Vaccinated! Visiting first week of March


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My adult son and I have both received our first vaccine doses, so I decided to book a trip for the two of us to WDW. He's been to Disney World once around 2010, my last trip was in 2014. We live in the Pacific Northwest now so we've both been to Disneyland several times. I grew up in Alabama with family in Orlando so I went many times between 1972-1986 before I moved away.

We currently have 4 day park passes without hoppers, but I haven't decided whether to add days. We've never been to Universal so I was thinking of spending one day there. But maybe having another day at WDW makes more sense, I haven't decided yet. I thought about adding park hopper but I'm not sure it would be worth it with the parks closing early.

We arrive Sunday Feb 28th at 3:30 pm and depart Saturday Mar 6th at 4 pm and we're staying at Caribbean Beach.

Day 1 (Sun 2/28): flight arrives 3:30 pm, planning to take the Magical Express. According to the calendar all the parks close by 7 so I was going to ask for outside the parks recommendations, but the site let me book 50's Prime Time at 7:50 pm. Was that a glitch? If it's not a glitch, would you keep it?

Day 2 (Mon 3/1): Epcot (hours 11 - 7, not including extra half hour in morning). Dinner reservation for San Angel Inn at 5:45pm.

Day 3 (Tues 3/2): Magic Kingdom (9 - 6), lunch at the Skipper Canteen at noon. Not sure what we'll do for dinner.

Day 4 (Wed 3/3): DHS (10 - 7). I have been reading up on how to get a ROTR pass. No ADRs available for anything, but I like the quick service options in star wars land assuming they are the same as Disneyland.

Day 5 (Thurs 3/4): AK (9 - 5). My favorite park! Lunch at Tiffins (first choice was Yak & Yeti but nothing was available). Not sure about dinner this night either.

Day 6 (Fri 3/5): Universal studios? Or back to another park? How long can I put this decision off?

Day 7 (Sat 3/6): Flight leaves at 4 pm, planning to take Magical Express to airport. Is there time to go to a park first? MK and AK both open at 9 (8:30 if you count early entry).

Any thoughts? I'm not used to planning a trip at the last minute like this.


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I would not keep the 50s PT because it would require you to use a day on your park tickets, and it's not worth the extra $30/person to add an extra day on your tickets just to eat there.

I haven't been to Universal, so can't help you there. If you or your son likes Harry Potter and you won't be back soon, I'd do it, though.

Magical Express would pick you up around 1 pm for a 4 pm flight. If you don't mind a little risk, you can tell Disney you're on a flight an hour later and probably still be fine (you lose Disney's guarantee but still should have plenty of time). Note the early entry isn't official yet, but the parks are opening that early for everyone as of now. I might even think about DHS on the last day: it will open later but you have the Skyliner back to CB to minimize travel time--though it probably wouldn't be too much quicker than an Uber from AK or MK (from the Contemporary). If you do decide to add a day or 2 to your park tickets, you can do it when you're down there, just make sure to do it before you've used your last day on your current ticket.


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Thanks! My son doesn't care for Harry Potter and I'm pretty over it. I decided I'd rather have another day to see the garden festival at Epcot, so I did add another day for that. I think we'll leave Saturday morning open for now and decide once we're there if we'd like to go to a park, but I suspect we'll go to either DHS or AK. I was worried AK would be too far but it sounds like an Uber would be fast enough.


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For Day 1, You'll have to figure if you want the experience of the Restaurant. You have to use a ticket to get into the park. The earliest you can hope to be there is around 5pm. That gives you 2 or so hours of ride time plus dinner. Unless you really want to go, it's generally not worth the cost of the additional ticket, plus the cost of eating at Prime Time ( although I do love the theme there!).

How fit are you and your son? After 4 days of theme parking will be wiped if you aren't one of those people who generally walk 4 miles a day. When I go for a week, I can barely handle 3 days in a row. I always have a rest day in the middle, where we go to Disney Springs or one of the water parks. Hey, have you been to Typhoon Lagoon? If it is open, and you like swimming, I'd suggest that over Universal. The wave pool is amazing and is unlike any you have ever seen. The water is warmed, too, so spring is not too cold to go. Blizzard Beach is just OK to me. Too much climbing there to be restful, and the wave pool is not fun.

If TL is not open, and you are both happy walkers, then Day 6 for Universal is good. Due to limited capacity, I'd think you'd have to make the decision sooner than later.

Day 7: if taking ME, you will have to board the bus around 1pm. That gives you 4 hours at MK or AK if you want ( 3.5 hours if you use Disney transportation back to CB)


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We are in good shape -- I'm a runner and he's young. I think we are going to skip universal though. I think if we do the Studios Monday, then we can go to Epcot Wednesday and Friday and enjoy the garden festival (it starts on Wednesday). I've never been to an Epcot food festival but I assume it's similar to the ones at California Adventure, plus some gardens. I think taking two days for it will let us enjoy it more, plus more opportunities for snacks.

Typhoon Lagoon won't be open. Blizzard Beach opens the day after we leave so that's out too.

Leaning towards not keeping the 50's Prime Time reservation but not quite ready to cancel it either. Maybe we'll try to catch the electrical water pageant that night.


Well-known member know what happens when you i just wanted to check that you know you have to make park reservations for each day

also if your flight arrives at 3:30 and it's on time and no delays getting to the gate I think your best expectation can be to be at your resort around 5:30. You have to get your luggage now for Magical Express and I have never gotten on the bus right away or if I did we then sat there waiting for more people. I think CB was the 1st or 2nd resort to drop off when we stayed at Riviera last year but that certainly may have changed by now.

also on the last day if your flight is at 4 you will be picked up at 1 - if you want to go to MK or AK you should technically give yourself no less than 90 minutes using Disney transportation to get back to your resort. And that's if you're at the exit to the park at 11:30 not on the other side of the park having to get out front to the busses. and then you'll have to get your luggage from wherever you had it stowed and get to the bus stop again. I personally never do parks on my last day - it's too stressful to me. I plan a nice meal and just enjoy the sunny weather before having to head back to the great white north.

also for park hopping it is currently available after 2pm but you HAVE to go to the first park that you have reserved. you can't wake up late and decide to just go to the second park you had planned that day.


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I have exchanged the arrival day Prime Time dinner reservation for Topolino's Terrace. I have park reservations for each day, including departure day for Hollywood Studios (which could be exchanged for Animal Kingdom; if we do that we may want to take a Lyft back to the resort). I've managed to get all the ADRs we want except for SciFi drive in. I think we're good!