water shoes vs. water sandals


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I will be taking my nephews (13, 15) to the water parks. Can we wear water sandals (open toe, like Teva's) on the rides and slides, or does it have to be water shoes (closed toe)? Do they make you take off the footwear for the rides? I prefer the water sandals so our feet dry out, and I think they will be more comfortable. Which do you prefer? Thanks.


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Welcome lalagirl!

I dont really like the water shoes myself, nor do my kids. My husband LOVES them. He has the kind that are likes shoes, so they slip over your feet as opposed to the flip flop kind. He wore them on all the rides except Summit Plummit, he had to hold them in his hands. Hopefully someone will chime in with a definate, I beleive that as long as they are like "shoes" you can wear them on most of the rides. The flip flop kind you are sometimes asked to take off and hold in your hand.

We simply love the Disney Water Park! Enjoy your trip. :RpS_biggrin: