WBC vs. WH

We've stayed at WBC twice and loved it, but the prices seem to have increased significantly since our last visit. We are defaulting to a 2 BR unit for for me, my wife and our two daughters since we enjoy the space, pools and amenities, but we are now considering a house in Windsor Hills with a pool and access to the community pool there.

I'd love to get thoughts from folks who have tried both. How are the community pools at Windsor Hills? Does anyone have experience with both?

Thanks for any input!

Mrs Darling

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We have only stayed at WH once previously but I've noticed they've upgraded their pool area with a splash pad and water slides since we stayed there last. When do you have to make the decision on your trip? We're there in a few weeks. I'd be happy to report back.

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I’ve never stayed at WBC, but have stayed at WH probably 7-10 times. It is more neighborhood-like and my impression of WBC is that it is more resort-like. The pool at WH is very large with zero entry and a water slide. They added water slides and a new splash pad area. There is also a hot tub. Adjacent to the pool is an area with a store, an arcade, and some game tables. We’ve never really spent any time looking around the arcade.

The prices vary by owner/management company. You can book a condo, a townhouse with a splash pool, or a stand alone house with a large pool. We’ve stayed in all three depending on the size of our party. Typically there’s a cleaning fee, and if you have pool, for pool heat.

I know this is not a comparison, since I have no experience with WBC, but I hope it’s helpful.


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have stayed at WH probably 7-10 times. It is more neighborhood-like and my impression of WBC is that it is more resort-like.
I've done both, and this is on the money. WH is like staying at your very nice uncle's second home while you visit Florida. WBC is a resort. Privacy at WH is better, and if you are at a pool home chances are good you won't bother going to the main pool. It's remarkably nice having the pool in your backyard, being able to walk in and make a platter of nachos or mix up some drinks. On the other hand WBC has that resort energy going on. Some people prefer the quiet privacy, others the action. For us, WH fit well when the kids were younger. As they hit tween/teen years, WBC was a better choice. Other differences: WH is residential, so you need to get in your car to go out to eat, etc. The Wyndham complex has a range of sit-down and take-out places.

Finally: WBC is no longer going to be the best deal in Orlando, because of some changes in the way Wyndham's booking tool works. (Long story.) So, the new prices are the new normal.