We Got A Dog


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He looks just like our Rescue Dog! Beagles are the best and our dog has been great with the kids. Congratulations on an awesome addition to your family! He's beautiful!


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What a beautiful baby you have there, looks like it will be a "Happy Holiday Season" for you new pup.
I am so glad you adopted a rescue and a senior dog at that.
You are a good person!!


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Awwww........ very sweet!! Is his name still Tank?? Congrats!

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I love it!! We have a rescued mother and son-along with a golden retriever-they are awesome. I really think rescued dogs know how good they have it after being rescued- you can see it in their eyes. Bless you for taking in an older dog- what a blessing you are to him! You gotta love dog people!


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Love beagles and so special you rescued an adult dog, the puppies usually get taken but the poor adult/senior doggies need their love too. Kids are trying to convince DH that our one rescue dogs needs another friend (our first rescue passed away almost two yrs ago).


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Thanks for the kind words. We feel a little bad because his 'sister' Angel got adopted before he did. We feel bad that the pair had to be split because we would have taken both of them


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He looks an awful lot like our Snoopy. I'll try to post a photo sometime after I figure out how to. Beagles are the best. Just hide the garbage really well, and everyone will have to be trained not to leave any food laying around.


Verrrry cute!!!! I'm always happy to see older pets get adopted. My Calico cat is about 7 now... we got her in the summer of '09. She was the only adult at the Humane Society and I couldn't be happier with her. I'm sure your new buddy is going to have a splendid life in your home.:RpS_biggrin: