Week before Easter


Cast = me, DH, DD (15), DS (13), my sister (63), my mom (80) & my dad (87).
This is the week leading up to Easter so expecting heavy crowds.
6 day tickets with park hoppers included. Off property, renting a house, but with a campsite rental for a couple of nights. Friday to Friday trip.

We've been to Disney together several times, most recently October 2018 (although my sister missed that trip). The kids, my mom, sister & I love Disney World. Kids/husband & I love Star Wars. My dad is along for the experience and likely will only come to the park with us a few days. Fyi both parents flatly refuse to ride a scooter (although I'll try once more to talk them into it). They move slowly with frequent breaks, & I'm always looking for ways to minimize my dad's walking. I think he is most likely to be with us both MK days.

  • Sat: Epcot to activate tickets & ride a few rides,
    • All: 6:20 SE FP+
    • Us: 6:50 TT FP+ / 7:20 M:S FP+ / reach Land pavillion around 7:50.
    • Mom & Sister: 6:55 LwtL / 7:15 Soarin on FP.
    • All: snack or light dinner at Sunshine Seasons.
    • 8:20 or so: Soarin standby.
    • Either Epcot Forever or Soarin again (my mom loves this ride)
  • Sun: MK (all) & AK (part of the group)
    • 8:00 TTC / 8:45 Cinderella's Castle?
    • If park opening shifts back to 8 am I think I can get everyone there by 7:45, but my dad might be an issue.
    • 9:00 Buzz / Speedway / WtP (if WtP line is longer than 15 minutes we'll skip)
    • 10:15 UTS / iasw / lunch at CHH
    • 11:45 PP FP+
    • 12:00 HM FP+
    • 12:30 Riverboat (dad's favorite)
    • 1:15 PoC FP+ (begin looking for Dinosaur or EE FP)
    • (Break - at home around 3-5:30.)
    • If those going to AK are energetic we might reach AK in time for the last Nemo of the day, and if so we'll also walk some of the animal exhibits.
    • 6:00-7:00 we'll use for Dinosaur & EE. My son doesn't ride roller coasters, so we'll split up if we don't pick up 4th FP.
    • 7-8:15 Dinner at Satuli & wander around Pandora - will be my sister's first time there. Sun sets at 7:47 & twilight ends at 8:15.
    • 8:15 RJ standby
    • 8:50 FoP standby
    • (AK is currently listed as an 8 pm close, but I think final hours will be a 9 or 9:30 pm, and we'll adjust backwards once the hours are final.)
  • Mon: HS (part of group) & MK (all)
    • HS: Get RotR boarding group, then TSMM, RNRC & ToT, then spend a few hours in Galaxys Edge, hopefully leaving by 3 pm. The only wrinkle to this: our main FP+ selections will be for MK, so now that SR shifted to FP we might just have to get to it another day.
    • MK:
    • 4:10 TTC / 5:00 Castle
    • 5:00 7D FP+
    • 5:30 Split up BTMRR & PP (both FP+)
    • 6:00 CBJ
    • 6:30 JC FP+
    • If the MK park closing is pushed back from 9 pm to 10 pm, then I'll begin looking for 4th FP options on Dumbo / Barnstormer / Space.
    • 7:00 Husband & I will use everyone's jackets & bags to stake out a fireworks spot on the opposite side of the one the dessert party uses. We will take turns running out to pick up popcorn & hot dogs.
    • 7:45 Everyone is to meet us at the fireworks spot. Is this early enough? Fireworks crowds were insane our October 2018 trip but I'm hoping that's because they were doing them so few nights with the Halloween party.
    • 8:45 Projection show / 9:00 fireworks.
    • Wait for the crowds to clear - we all prefer a late night to crowds. If the park is still open we'll probably ride TTA, maybe Dumbo.
  • Tue: HS (all)
    • Small group will go ahead early to get a RotR boarding group.
    • This day will get planned after I know our FP times. Probably morning FPs for Slinky, TSMM, Aliens. Probably a small group will go early to get RotR boarding groups. Not sure if it's worthwhile for Mom to go. She loves the BatB show, and she's fine with TSMM, but there's not much at HS that interests her. If Monday goes well & we have already been on both RotR & SR we might have her stay home & then we might go to do some anytime attractions at MK or back to Epcot and WS.
  • Wed: AK (all)
    • If anyone wants to ride RJ and didn't ride on Sunday we'll head there around 8:50 at the back of the FoP crowd.
    • Small group: EE either at RD or after RJ.
    • 9:30 KS FP+
    • 10:00 train for 10:45 Animation Experience (I see Josh has it listed as FP priority but I see a lot of reports that it's not full)
    • 11:30 Lunch
    • 12:40 line up for 1:00 FotLK
    • 2:00 KRR FP+
    • Maybe Nemo.
    • Hoping to get a FP for FoP late this afternoon. If I don't get it I'll be canceling the campsite.
  • Thu: EP.
    • Backup RotR day - just in case something is going terribly wrong our visit.
    • But the primary plan is to end our trip with fireworks at Epcot beginning with an early afternoon arrival. Begin with SE (FP) & LwtL (FP), then Canada & working our way around to Frozen (FP), then watch Epcot Forever near Mexico.