What age did you find out about Santa?


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My younger sister was so traumatized that she wouldn't even let her children believe in the first place. I give her the stink eye when one of her kids will pipe up. I don't remember what age I was to be honest. My daughter figured it out in 5th grade (10) and I reminded her that Santa remembers to make things even so if she blows if for her younger brother (7), she'd blow it for her too. My son is way into Santa, the Elf on the Shelf so I hope it hangs on for a few more years. It's fun to watch him.


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I was about 3rd grade, a kid in my class told me and made me sketpical, then I found the presents. And I remember my mother telling me that Santa was real, but it is really hard at his age to travel to all the boys and girls houses on Christmas eve, so the parents help out and get some of the gifts early. I think she was grasping at straws. But I do remember helping to convince my brother there was a santa long after that. My daughter (age 6) still believes, and I hope she will for a long time yet, but I know in reality I have only a few more years.
My kids just turned 15 (today-happy birthday) and this is the first year without Santa. I'm not sure if they still believe, but I basically had to cut them off saying that Santa doesn't come to 15 year olds, he needs to concentrate on the little kids. Whenever they have asked me in the past, I've always replied, "do you think we can afford all of the things on your list". I do have to say that this year isn't as special and I miss having Santa surprise them.


Santa is the spirit of giving and doing for others so you must always believe, no matter how old you are.
This is how I feel. And if my son evers asks leading questions I just say, Remember, those who don't believe in Santa no longer receive gifts from him.

I found out when I was 5. My mom said that I am way too observant and ask very prudent questions. She could tell that I knew she was lying about stuff. Since being honest is very important to my mom and a virtue she wanted her children to have, she felt like she had to tell me.
I was in 4th grade and heard the kids laughing at the "dorks who still believed" . Yep, I felt like a dork :(
My almost 11 year old has been asking questions (unfortunately in front of the 6 and 9 year olds). I think he is talking himself into believing. I have helped by making comments like "yeah, where would I have hid that giant basketball hoop you got last year?" (it spent a month in the neighbors garage! I struggle with just telling him (after Xmas) b/c I don't want him to feel dumb like I did as a kid, but at the same time I love the magic of it and don't want to ruin it.


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I was 9 and in 4th grade. It was a few weeks before Christmas, my mom and I were in a store, she turned to me and said "Do you think this would be good for Cassie's stocking?" I vividly remember the feeling, my heart dropped, my felt a little dizzy, my vision got a little blurry, I instantly felt embarrassed, but I played to cool and said yeah. Still, up until that exact moment, I believed in Santa and once she said that I realized he wasn't real.

I was a 3rd grade teacher for three years and then taught 4th grade for another 2 years. That seems to be right on the cusp when half the class believes and half the class doesn't. I always tried to play up Santa and made sure to never say anything that would indicate he wasn't real. When kids would shout out that Santa wasn't real I would make some kind of comment about how he must not visit you because you don't believe in him, that's too bad for you, more gifts for us.


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I was about 9, in the 4th grade. I was pretty upset, mostly because my school friends already knew and I felt dumb. I think it lasts longer for kids today. I'm definitely with the folks who believe Santa represents the spirit if giving. If you don't believe, you don't receive.
In my school all the 6th graders were tasked with replying to kindergarteners letters to Santa - I remember a couple kids that still believed being devastated. What a horrible way to find out...in front of the entire class!