What are the chances of BOG lunch with no ADR?


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It's just 2 of us, the end of April and there are no ADR's available for lunch. Wondering if you've had any luck doing walk-up with no ADR around 11:30 or so.


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Somewhere between slim and none
The reason you can't book an ADR is there is no room.
If there is no room for an ADR then there is no room for a walk up.
BUT, folks cancel all the time. And even with a fee, there are no shows. So it never hurts to ask.
Also, it may be worth trying for 1 and close together times. Since it's self seating for lunch, party size doesn't matter. Usually, Disney is harder to find ADR for 1 but it may not be the case for BOG


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I agree with keep trying. People change their ADR's all the time. If you are persistent about it you should be able to find something. However it may or may not be your exact desired time.


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You can also try Touring Plans' reservation finder. Works well. And stuff even comes up the night before because of people canceling at the last second.